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    Q: How did you first get into mixed martial arts and how long have you been doing it?
    A: I’ve been doing it since about ’96, and I got into through a friend of mine who was doing the small shows here in Chicago. He brought me in to train with him, and I got to be as good as him, so I started to compete myself.

    Q: How old are you now?
    A: 29

    Q: How’s training going right now?
    A: Right now it’s good. I have some friends with big fights coming up, so I’m helping them with their training and their fights. I’ll worry about me when it gets closer to my fight.

    Q: Do you train differently for Sean Sherk knowing he’s a wrestler vs. someone like Sakarai who is known more for his striking?
    A: Basically, I’m just working on my skills to make sure I’m well rounded. Right now I’m working on my standup and I have been for a long time. My grappling’s good and my takedowns have always been good, so now I just want to complete myself and be a better striker.

    Q: What’s your daily training routine?
    A: Wake up in the morning and lift weights for about an hour to hour and a half. After that, I’ll do light sparring or grappling with my teammates. We’ll take the afternoon off and in the evening we comeback and either hit pads, spar,work on takedowns, or grapple. The evenings are the hard practices.

    Q: How much are you currently benching and squatting?
    A: I’m not a big bencher, probably around 300 pounds. For squat, I’ve got strong legs and I’m squatting around 4-500 pounds.

    Q: Do you follow a special diet when you’re in training?
    A: I follow a pretty strict diet, high carbs and high proteins. No sugars. I try and watch how many meals I take in a day. I want at least five meals a day, small portions about three hours apart from each other.

    Q: Would you ever consider moving up to middleweight?
    A: I’d move up, maybe for one or two fights, but I’d want to come back down. Right now, walking around, I only weigh 185 pounds, and the wrestler mentality is to always cut weight and get as low as you can. (Note: some of the better known fighters at middleweight are Phil Baroni, Murilo Bustamante, and Matt’s coach and teammate, Pat Miletich.)

    Q: So does being the UFC welterweight champion get you laid a lot?
    A: If I was that type of person, yeah, it probably would. (laughs)

    The sport is very young, not a lot of people know about it. The following of the UFC is usually not women, so there aren’t any groupies following the fighters around. The people that watch UFC are generally middle-aged or younger guys, so no, it doesn’t get me laid a whole lot.

    Q: When you’re hanging out, do “tough guys” act tough and talk shit to you?
    A: No, but it’s funny because people come up to you and say, “Hey, I watch you on TV” and then they’ll say, “You know, I’m going to get into the sport myself, and this and that. People will always say they’re going to get into the sport and they’ll always bring up some past fight where they beat the shit out of two or three people at the same time. (laughs) So, it’s pretty much the same conversation over and over again.

    Q: What would be your advice to all of our readers who suddenly found themselves in front of a guy who wanted to beat their ass? What’s the best way for an untrained guy to win in a street fight?
    A: Get the first punch off. If you’re sure you’re going to fight, hit him first. Then you can follow it up with two or three more punches.

    If you’re in a bad situation where the guy might have a gun, knife, or maybe have some friends around, turn around and run away. Don’t get yourself killed or hurt seriously.

    Q: What’s the secret to throwing the perfect punch?
    A: It takes time. I’ve spent five years boxing now, and I’m still not throwing the perfect punch. The key ingredient would be twisting your hips and using your hip power with your punches. Most people have the problem of just throwing their arm around. It’s all in the hips.

    Q: Do you actually enjoy training?
    A: I like to lift weights in the morning and I like working out in the evening with my friends, sparring or grappling. What I don’t like is running on a treadmill, or even outside. The cardiovascular aspect is pretty boring to me.

    Q: How do you like your chosen career and the lifestyle, with the constant training, etc.?
    A: I’m very happy with the fact that I wake up every morning and I look forward to what I need to do. I love working out and lifting weights, being around my friends, so I’m a pretty lucky guy when it comes to that. I get to travel a lot. I definitely have a lot going for me as far as liking what I do.


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    cool interview, thanks for posting. Matt is such a great guy.


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