Qoute from sumya anani

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    Post subject: Qoute from sumya anani PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 1:07 pm
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    Qoute from sumya anani

    Sumya Anani is one of the most talented women boxers; with an AMAZING fight review- She is very spiritual and very talented.I recently read an interview on her and really liked her response to a question; it was about life being limitless and thought this was cool form a fighter :

    “We, as human beings, in any endeavor, have the capacity for continual growth and learning. We are Unlimited in our creative ability. Of course, we don’t get the credit for it. Call it God, Buddha, Spirit, Mary, whatever name you choose…it doesn’t matter. But we all have that infinite life force working in our lives. The reality is that there is no finish line as to how good I can become as a fighter, a friend, a mother, a person. There is no finish line as far as the personal contributions I can make towards the community and for the world, etc. But we limit ourselves. We have to stop thinking that what we do doesn’t make a difference. That’s the ultimate disease in our minds. We all need to continue to strive to become more loving men and women so that our unique talents, gifts, and contributions can be used for the healing of the planet. We need to explore the things that we’re passionate about, because where we’re passionate; we will find our personal ministry in the world.”

    Also, Happy mothers day to all of the fighter moms out there. You guys rock!!!


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