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    Post subject: Revolution 2PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2004 11:39 am

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    I attended Revolution 2, and I want to thank all the athletes who made it one of the most thrilling and entertaining evenings of sports competition I have ever seen. It was a history-making event, and they all deserve credit. Most of all, I want to thank its promotor, Jeff Osborne. It’s shows like his that keep MMA alive at the grass roots level. The sights and sounds of the local arena and the interplay of the small-town crowd with the athletes give Jeff’s shows a flavor that is addicting.

    I don’t know much about the technicalities of MMA groundfighting (I’m just a fan),but with that in mind, I’ll do my best:

    Shelby Walker vs. Adrienna Jenkins: They say rings are a girl’s best friend, but the ring in Evansville, Indiana was not a friendly place for ShelbyGirl. She came out throwing strikes, but nothing landed solidly, and she was quickly taken down by AJ. Once on the ground, the fight was AJ’s. In workmanlike fashion AJ, clearly the better groundfighter, dispatched Shelby in round 1 with a submission. I don’t know enough of the technical aspects of groundfighting to tell you move-by-move how AJ did it, but she put on a clinic in her convincing win.

    Jan Finney vs. Rikki Burnett: Jan fluttered into the ring in a gimmick costume which consisted of a dainty skirt, a lollipop, and a smile as sweet as a little girl on Easter Sunday. Once the fighting started, Rikki did not find Jan to be peaches-and-cream. In the opening exchanges, Jan tagged Rikki repeatedly, and that’s how it went from there. Rikki counterpunched gamely but ineffectively, and she lacked a jab, side-to-side movement, or kicking techniques which may have deterred Jan from wading in repeatedly and delivering punishment with her fists and knees. It went the distance entirely on their feet, with the arm-weary Jan getting the UD over a battered Rikki. Of all the athletes on the card, I appreciated Rikki’s effort the most, for the way she hung in there. The crowd applauded her effort, and we hope to see her in action again soon.

    Jennifer Howe vs. Roxanne Modaferri: Again, I know nothing about MMA, but here goes: Jennifer looked like she was prepared to go to the ground, but looking to establish some strikes. However, nothing she threw landed solidly, and Roxanne seemed completely unfazed by Jennifer’s strikes. Once it went to the ground, Roxanne dominated. Jennifer had her moments, but seemed on the defensive the whole time, finally succumbing to an armbar in round 2. I’m just a fan, and probably talking out my ass, but it didn’t look like Jennifer had an “off night.” It just appeared that Roxanne can roll with the best of them, and that once she rendered Jennifer’s strikes to be of no factor, she was able to put her grappling ability to work. Roxanne appeared to be well coached by Heather Soderquist, who worked her corner.

    Megumi Fuji vs. Erica Montoya: These two appeared to be the most athletic competitors on the card. Their movements were sharp and quick, and neither gave up much of any space or opportunities to the other. Erica finally got some space and was raining down punches from the mount as the bell sounded to end the round. This was the worst piece of luck for any athlete on the card, because it seemed likely the ref might have stopped it if Erica had landed just a few more. I made an earlier reply to a post on Fightergirls forum in which I said Megumi didn’t turn her back to the strikes: I stand corrected, as my own pics show otherwise. Except for this one strike-from the mount episode, there was no great advantage for either girl, and it went to a UD for Megumi. I wish I could tell you all the move-by-move details, but Idon’t know enough about it.

    Kelly Kobold vs. Greta Hicks: It was a clinching, bump-and-grind type of fight, with no solid strikes landed and no groundwork to speak of. Kelly forced a clinch at the opening bell, and the first 4 minutes of round 1 were spent in a hug against a corner post, with Greta unable to get any space, and Kelly using foot stomps that would have made Marco Ruas proud. That’s pretty much how the whole 3 rounds went: lots of clinching, which smothered their striking attempts. There was not much decisive action between them that could form the basis of a decision, so the judges were left with nothing but aggressiveness to render their decision. Since Kelly was the attacker and aggressor throughout, the judges properly gave the UD to Kelly.

    This is all I have time for now. All competitors deserve praise for their contribution to this historic event. I am not knowledgable about MMA, so forgive me if I’ve inadvertently slighted anyone by missing some details.

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    Post subject: PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2004 5:17 pm
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    Nice report!!!! I wish I could have been there to see this show.. from the sounds of things everyone had a good time and was happy with the show… Sound and looking at the picture the women fighters all got to hang out and have fun…

    Thanks for all the reports and the pictures it at least makes me feel like I was there..


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    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2004 2:07 pm

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    Very good summary of the event.

    Yeah, the crowd was definately behind Hicks. Probably because she looked like she wanted to stand up and bang but was shut down from striking because of the constant clinching. The crowd wanted to see some “action”.

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