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    Post subject: Tara La Rosa article PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 7:38 pm

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    The following article about MMA fighter Tara La Rosa is courtesy of
    the New Jersey Sunbeam.

    Ultimate fighter faces next challenge
    Sunday, October 30, 2005
    Staff Writer
    MANNINGTON TWP. –A star high school and college athlete, Tara La
    Rosa is now one of the top-ranked females in the sport of Ultimate

    This week she will be in the ring again — no doubt with lots of
    friends and family there to cheer her on — as part of a large fight
    card at the Jersey Shore.

    La Rosa, a county native whose family operates well-known La Rosa
    Greenhouses here, has made a name for herself as a contender in
    Mixed Martial Arts Fighting over the last four years. On Saturday at
    7 p.m., she will fight in her home state — at the Trump Taj Mahal
    in Atlantic City in the Mixed Fighting Championship — for the first

    La Rosa is one of the most successful female fighters in the country
    in the sport of Ultimate Fighting. Ultimate Fighting is a sport in
    which fighters utilize a combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing,
    wrestling and many other martial arts.

    La Rosa currently has six wins to just one loss, a statistic she
    hopes to improve Saturday. She has fought around the United States
    and even defeated the top-ranked female in Japan in a Tokyo

    Though a naturally gifted athlete, La Rosa knows she must train hard
    to compete. To ensure she is ready for every fight, La Rosa trains
    every day. A typical session at a gym lasts three hours. She starts
    with an hour of cardiovascular work, following by an hour of weight
    lifting, then a final hour for whatever else she feels the need to
    work on.

    Her day job keeps her fit, too. La Rosa teaches martial arts classes
    several days a week, and she also teaches Modern Army Combatives to
    soldiers at Fort Bragg, in Fayetteville, N.C.

    Besides all of this, she finds time to hone her martial arts skills.

    Despite her considerable success in the ring, La Rosa’s mother,
    Charlene, still gets a little nervous at the thought of her baby
    girl engaging in combat. So nervous, in fact, that Saturday’s event
    will be the first Charlene La Rosa will watch Tara fight, on TV or
    in person.

    She is still apprehensive about Saturday, but she has confidence in
    her daughter.

    “She must handle herself OK,” Charlene La Rosa said.

    Though Ultimate Fighting is based in part on ancient martial arts
    styles, the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event was held only
    in 1993. Eight martial artists with different styles competed with
    one another that year, and that tournament subsequently resulted in
    the fighting league that would gain international renown.

    La Rosa has always been an athlete, and a good one, Carmen La Rosa,
    her father said. At St. James High School in Carneys Point, she was
    a star field hockey player. She went to Catawba College in North
    Carolina on a field hockey scholarship. Her major was physical

    It was when field hockey ended that La Rosa felt a void. She had
    always been a competitor, and with field hockey gone, she had no way
    to channel it.

    But while in college, she got to attend an Ultimate Fighting
    Championship event, and she was instantly hooked.

    She later met a member of Team Reality of Combat (ROC), who invited
    her to train with the group. She accepted, and began traveling one-
    and-a-half hours five days a week to Durham, N.C., from her college
    home in Salisbury. There, she studied Muay Thay kickboxing,
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts forms. Combining these
    practices with her previous knowledge of Judo, La Rosa developed her
    fighting style.

    Carmen La Rosa expressed mixed feelings about his daughter’s chosen
    path. He is worried about seeing her get hurt, but he understands
    the competitive edge within her. At one tournament, Tara sustained a
    hip flexor injury early on. Bowing out was not an option — Tara had
    someone help her limp back into the ring for the next fight. She may
    not have won, but from then on, Carmen La Rosa understood.

    “Seeing that,” he said, “that really made me believe.”

    Carmen La Rosa hopes that his daughter will soon have a manager who
    can get her better take-homes from the fights.

    “I want her to get a manager who has long teeth,” Carmen La Rosa

    For her first fight, Tara said she was paid $250 to show and another
    $350 to win. Nowadays, she typically gets $1,000 to show.

    Tara describes herself as a passive individual, and her fights are
    really not about exorcising aggression, she said. Rather, Tara sees
    the fights like a chess match, full of cunning and strategy.

    And as intense as the fights — and preparation — are, Tara insists
    there are no grudges between the Ultimate Fighting Championship
    fighters. She met her opponent for Saturday, Amanda Buckner, a few
    months back, and came away quite impressed.

    “Maybe we’ll go out for a beer afterwards,” she said.


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    That’s great!! I can’t wait for this match up! I soooo wish I could go watch.


    Lil Katai
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    Ahhh, shes still a punk 😛


    Lil Katai
    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 12:47 pm
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    Maybe we’ll go out for a beer afterwards,” she said.

    Tara dont drink beer!!! 😯


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