West Texas Submission Championships with the $500 pro -open

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    Post subject: West Texas Submission Championships with the $500 pro -open PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 4:44 pm

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    April 16th at Midland College P.e. Building.
    Pre -registration cost is $35 for main bracket and $15 for each additional bracket.
    After April 9th the costs are $40 and $20.
    It will be Men’s Women’s and Children’s and is Nationally Ranked by NAGA



    Name:___________________Age:_____ Emergency Contact name and Number:______________________________
    Address, City, State, and Zip:________________________________________________________________________
    Team Name or School:___________________________________Instructor:__________________________________

    Weight:________ Years(months) Experience:_____ Check here for Open:_______ Class- Middle or Heavy All Divisions are subject to change:
    Weight Class- (circle one) Light (up to 160) Middle (161-180) Lightheavy (181-204) Heavy (205 and up)

    Experience – (circle one) Beginner (up to 1 year/up to blue) Intermediate (1-3/blue to purple) Advanced (3+)

    Rules: 1) Rounds are set at 2 x 5 no overtimes except for pro open division. No clear winner results in referee decision
    2) NO heel hooks or isolated neck cranks (cranks must involve use of shoulder or arm)
    3) NO over-head slams (suplexes, fireman’s carries, or slams from the guard)
    4) Matches will be single elimination except for small brackets
    5) Competitors must exhibit good sportsmanship (as well as their team members)
    6) Only one “coach” on the mat per competitor

    I ________________ and my representatives do hereby release Midland College, the promoter’s, sponsors, competitors, and all other representatives and associates of the West Texas Submission Championships from any and all liability for personal injury, paralysis, and /or death that might occur as a result of my participation in this event. I understand that this is a contact sport that involves vigorous physical exertion and close body contact that could result in injury or death. Neither I, nor any other person(s) on my behalf, may seek any compensation or restitution from any person affiliated or participating in this event. By signing below I am taking full responsibility for any injury and I do agree that my signature shows that I fully understand and recognize this waiver of liability as legally binding in any court of law, civil or otherwise.

    Competitors Name:______________________________________ Date:_________

    Parent or Guardian if under 18:_____________________________ Date:_________

    Sponsored by Gold’s Gym, Natural Weigh, FightCrohns.com



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