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    Post subject: XCF show in San Antonio Tx CANCLED. READ BOUT WHAT I SAY. PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2006 10:47 pm


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    Just to let you all know on here. I apologize about making a huge deal bout the mma first cage fight here in my home town.

    The whole thing fell down the crap shoot.

    I got to the event Not to mention Fiesta is going down as well down town . So Traffic was a pain. Well I got down town waited in line and as I waited they are welding the ring toghter and then start cutting the plywood .

    I mean nothing is even done at all. The only thing done was the chairs set up and the sponsers booths. the cage was not built.

    So as the night progressed with it going on to 9:30 the ring still not set up. They were attempting to work on it and get it done but way half assed.

    So any how before that at 9 they say if you like to get a refund you can . So there goes half your revanue right there out the door. And people were mad.

    So leave it to me AARON to go to some digging up some infor by easedroping on conversations trying to find out what happend with this event.

    Here is what I happend upon and found out. If we wanted a refund the tix booth at the sunset station was not a tix master so we were s.o.l there and could not get our money back unless you got your tix there at the window.

    So tomorrow I have to call or go to a tix master out let and get my cash back.

    As I wated around hoping to see some action still the same results nothing. Ha. Come to find out that there had been a fight before I got to the venue between two fighters in the parking lot and that match got cancled so now have 7 matches I belive. Then it drops down to 4 then all that speal about the show was cancled.

    Well later on out side with all the news cameras and angry angry angry people giving interviews . This one father was talking to me telling me that the fighters had gotten paied and snuck them out the back door so there would be no suspesion. The ring girls had shown up then disapeard as well. So to my self every thing is coming in to play here.

    The reason why they said if you would like a refund go ahead and get it. Then the annoucner said the show will begin around 10pm.

    That was all a decoy so there would not be any fights or carnage or distruction at the place.

    WE CAN ALL BLAME LELAND D PROMOTIONS for this horriable happening. I mean we had people come out of town to watch this show and guys that were in the UFC here to fight and throw down. One of the guys that had been in the UFC to fight a while back even said this is and outrage and insult to all the fans that had to wait and wait and wait and not get any word at what was happening.

    Once that box office ran out of the money O man just a good thing the Police had shown up. It was getting ugly.

    So I said forget it Iam going back to the casa . Where I came home heated up a microwave pizza and watch some GREAT TV PROGRAMMING LIKE ADULT SWIM on Cartoon Network. LOL……LOL….hahaha.

    Its great to see the mma events live instead on computer or dvd. This is just a huge up set and many martialartist were out there in support and the way we got treated was awful.

    I know things like this happen but this is just me expressing my self and how it makes mma and martialarts in texas look bad. And the Promoter even worse.


    I would like to know if any one else was involed in mma shows not going on and how you felt.

    Take care all




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