yet more ADCC photos posted!!

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    Post subject: yet more ADCC photos posted!! PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:58 am

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    If you go back to they have posted two more large sets of womens ADCC pics, again by Julieta Okot.

    She is a freestyle wrestler as well as photographer , see her site

    A question – who was the female referee for most of the ADCC fights?

    Seeing submission photos posted on a freestyle site raises a thought.

    – I know it means people moving outside their skill/comfort zone but how about a match between freestylers and submission fighters where both codes are allowed?

    – I know of the many reasons why not but , being blunt, freetyle can be boring when its all defence by staying face down and grappling can be equally boring when its all on the back in the guard. Using both rules together no freestyler could stay on their face and offer their back for long and no grappler could risk staying in the guard too long without getting pinned.

    So the fights would be more mobile and way to attract a bigger audience and so support base .Just a thought.


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    The female ref was the girlfriend of one of the other judges, I’ve been told. I was REALLY irritated that we had to have some random girl be our judge beccause we were ladies….I didn’t have a particular problem with her except that she didn’t notice I was being armbarred and tapping for a good 15 seconds….


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    Some good pictures.

    Hate to hear that about the ref (and your arm Rox). Why couldn’t they have used a guy?


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