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Fox’s Pro Debut Tomorrow in KOTC

Fox's Pro Debut Tomorrow in KOTC
Fox’s Pro Debut Tomorrow in KOTC

Fox’s Pro Debut Tomorrow in KOTC Fallon Fox, known for her grappling experience, has finished all of her amateur MMA bouts within 1:15 and is now heading looking to up the level with her first pro MMA fight tomorrow night in “King of the Cage”. Fox will drop down a weight class to 135# versus Elisha Helsper.

Fox’s Pro Debut Tomorrow in KOTC

“This will be my first time competing at 135. in preparation for this fight I have been dropping weight gradually. My last amateur fight was actually supposed to be at a weight of 145. But I ended up weighing in at 140. I felt ok fighting at that weight and its been almost 3 weeks or so since then. I have almost no body fat right now. Every muscle and vein in my body is poking out of my skin. I never expected for to get down to this weight and look like this in general. After all my normal walk around weight is someplace between 155-160. But, I have a lot of people surrounding me who I train with that are helping me out with my diet, and motivation from my girlfriend and daughter that pushes me to prevail in this area.

I should be pretty strong at 135. I don’t believe my opponent in tomorrows fight will be able to match levels with me at that weight for sure. ”

Fox trains out of Midwest Training Center in Schaumburg, IL where she’s been focusing on all aspects of MMA, not just relying on her ground game.

“I realize that I really haven’t shown much stand up in my past fights in the amateur arena. It just so happens that if the person I am fighting leaves me an opportunity for a ground attack I will exploit it. Which from my perspective is the correct thing to do. Ground work is my specialty so of course I am going to see all sorts of openings there. But what most don’t know is that my stand up is not too shabby at all. Now that I am pro my opponents should make me work harder and you may be able to see my skills on my feet. which of course makes me happy.

Midwest Training Center has been a great place for me so far. They have a large group of phenomenal fighters who have great skills from all sorts of backgrounds. Great wrestling, great jiu jitsu, great muay thai. So, I have the opportunity to soak up technique from a lot of different angles. The guys I train with are always more than willing to take time out to show me a thing or two… or more. Also, i have a great sparring partner Mary Skonieczna a former sparring partner with Felice Herrig. Its good to have another woman who is skilled to train with.

Most importantly I have Alex Trujillo my coach and corner. Who has to be the most patient and calm corner I have ever had. I have had difficulties in the past with corners who get to exited and yell in a way that gets me frustrated. But, his voice becomes like a thought inside of my head, clear and concise no matter what happens. I’m really glad I found him.”

Fox’s Pro Debut Tomorrow in KOTC

With her pro career ahead of her, not much seems to be able to get in Fox’s way.

“My plans on the pro level are to go as far and as high as I can. Strikeforce looks like a good opportunity. There is also Invicta which excites me as a possible prospect. From what I saw on their first show they are going places and I would love to be a part of that. I’m sure that once my skills have been seen out there I’ll be on one of those.

The biggest strength I feel that I have is my determination. I don’t let people or thoughts tell me that I can’t do this or that. I just do it. When I first started training I saw these amazing women doing this amazing thing called women’s MMA. It didn’t cross my mind that it’s something I couldn’t do. I just put everything I had into training to become one. Full steam ahead in an aggressive fashion. When I am into something I tend to focus hard on it, like a laser beam. So, in the case of MMA and training its been on my mind day and night. I cant rest until I know that i’ve given my all, everything I have in this area because I love it so much.”

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