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MMA Fighters Zoila Frausto Elisha Helsper Reaction

MMA Fighters Zoila Frausto Elisha Helsper Reaction
MMA Fighters Zoila Frausto Elisha Helsper Reaction

MMA Fighters Zoila Frausto Elisha Helsper Reaction Zoila Frausto and Elisha Helsper break down their fight.

It was a tough night for both Elsiha Helsper (pictured right), and Zoila Frausto (pictured left), with both having to head to the emergency room. But the battle gave some insight, and Helsper and Frausto took some time to talk to Fightergirls about what they learned during their Strikeforce Challengers match.

MMA Fighters Zoila Frausto Elisha Helsper Reaction

Fightergirls – You were doing a lot of backing up in the fight, were you hoping to counter punch or kick at Helsper?

Frausto – Yes I’ve found myself to sometimes trying to wait for a counter cause I really didn’t know what to expect from her.

Fightergirls – Were you disappointed you won by decision?

Frausto – I wouldn’t say I was disappointed with a decision. A win is a win. & at the end of the fight I got the job done so that’s all that matters in my heart. 5 min round are totally different from the 3min rounds I’m used to so I kind of found myself thinking about that everynow & thn & trying to pick my shoots rather thn just throwing blows. I’m happy with my win, decision or not, it’s still victory. My time will come. It’s all a learning expierence for me. I just went pro this year so I know I still have a lot to learn.

Fightergirls – Is there anything you wanna work on for the next fight?

Frausto – After every fight there’s always things I have to work on. After I get a look at this fight & talk to my coaches, we’ll be able to see why it is I have to work on. I’d like to work in my movement, controling the ring, and my wrestling & ground of course, also my hand work, tighter faster effective strikes.

Fightergirls – Who do you think you wanna fight next?

Frausto – Not focused on fighting anyone soon til my foot heals but I’d like to fight a bigger name. But 1st things first. I have to heal up first.

MMA Fighters Zoila Frausto Elisha Helsper Reaction

Fightergirls – You had mentioned you were shaking off some ring rust, what things do you think you could have done better?

Helsper – I have great hands and if I would have used them I know I would have been getting my hand raised for the win. I need to work on my Cardio and the clench as well as checking kicks, My Technique could most definetly use some work as well.. I feel it was really just the ring rust. I am normally very aggressive and have some of the hardest hitting hands.. I have been told by every girl I have faught. Including Zoila that I hit harder than anyone they have faught. I didn’t feel that I landed any hard hits to Zoila.

Fightergirls – What things were going right during the fight, if anything?

Helsper – Well, I feel that I had my breathing alright. The punches that I threw created the reaction that I wanted but I didn’t pursue as much as I am capable of.

Fightergirls – What were your thoughts about the pre-mature stand-up in the third round?

Helsper – I realize that we should have been more active but I feel I should have had a little more time. I was in the dominant position and if I could have gotten my arms free I would have dropped bombs on her.

Fightergirls – Was the cut due to the kick itself or maybe Zoila’s toe nail cutting you?

Helsper – The doc told me in the ER it looked like it was probablly her toenail. Lol 3 of them

Fightergirls – What is next for you? How long do you think you will go before your next fight?

Helsper – I know now that I still have what it takes to compete or make it to the top competitors even though I disapointed myself because I didn’t use my heavy hands which I consider my strongest attribute. It’s been 3 years since I have fought. They say I can’t fight for 60 days allowing time for my eye to heal, but I’m ready day 61. Thanks Everyone for your support and I Love all my fans Thank you all.

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