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Zolia Frausto Edges Helsper

Zolia FraustoStrikeforce Challengers warms up the weekend in Fresno with a hotly contested fight.

The first round was a feeling out period, with Zolia Frausto attempting some superwomen punches and kicks. Helsper was being more aggressive, pushing forward most of the round. Both exchanges kicks and punches in one-two combinations at times. Frausto was more effective and they end the round in a flurry of punches. Frausto wins the first round, but not easily.

Round 2 saw both fighters being more aggressive, with Helsper getting the better strikes in the first minute. Helsper is still pushing forward, with Frausto continuing superwomen punches and kicks. About 3 minutes in, Frausto lands knees and a good kick, which stuns Helsper and causes her to go to the ground, with Frausto attempting to gain postion. They both stand up and a cut develops under Helsper’s left eye. The two exchange heavily at the 4 minute mark, until the end of the round. Round – Frausto

Round 3 started with Helsper lands a great kick at the start and drives Frausto against the fence. Frausto is warned about grabbing the cage. Helsper takes Frausto down and establishes half guard. About 20 seconds on the ground, and the ref stands them up – very controversial.

Frausto jabs Helsper and Helsper answers with a flurry of punches. Frausto lands a right hook and drives Helsper to the cage into a clinch. Helsper reverses against the cage, lands some Muay Thai knees and the ref separates the fighters. Frausto starts to land a flurry of punches and a kick, with Helsper exchange with some punches and kicks of her own. Frausto takes down Helsper and lands a few punches until the round ends. Close round, but Frausto wins the round and secures the 30-27 decision from all three judges.

Both women were in the E.R. after the fight, as Frausto had a broken foot, and Helsper had a broken left eye.

“The cage rust showed on my part. I should have thrown my hands a lot more,” Helspers admits post fight. “It’s been about 3 years since I have fought. But I will definitely give you guys and gals a better fight next time.”

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