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Friday Night Female Fights NYC

Friday Night Female Fights NYC
Friday Night Female Fights NYC

Friday Night Female Fights NYC An eighteen foot tall Joe Louis guards The Church Street Boxing Gym in the middle of Manhattan. This full time training facility, and part time movie set, preserves the old school while simultaneously promoting the evolution
of the sport. Its Friday Night Fights series progressively showcases Muay Thai alongside traditional boxing.

Friday Night Female Fights NYC

The next installment on March 20th, however, will be completely Muay Thai as three female fights highlight the card. Church Street owner Justin Blair provided the following breakdown.
Stacey Scappeccia vs. Passa Chattra

Stacey is a tough scrappy fighter with a 1-1 record from Connecticut. Passa trains out of the 5 Points Fitness Gym in Manhattan. She is very tall and a solid technician–holding a record of 2-0.
Stylistically, expect an exciting match. The outcome of the fight will rest on which of these fighters uses the height differential. If Passa can keep Stacey on the outside, it will be a technically frustrating match for Stacey; however, if Stacey is able to bore in and stay close, it could prove difficult for Pass.

Heather Maguire vs. June Lee
Heather trains out of the Church Street Boxing Gym and had her first fight against Passa Chattra (mentioned above). Heather is a forward moving fighter who, while inexperienced, has shown the ability to demonstrate controlled aggression.
June Lee is a member of the Henzo Gracie Academy with trainer Joe Sampieri. Lee’s record is 0-1. The scouting report on June is that she is more technician than brawler. June’s last fight was at the WKA tournament in
2007, and due to the long layoff, ring rust may be a factor for her.
Both fighters have a record of 0-1, and we expect a tough fight from both of these girls as neither of them wants to leave the ring with another loss.

Florina Petcu (7-1) vs. Ashley Nichols (5-0)
It’s hard to believe that one girl, let alone two fighters at 112 pounds, could each fight a half a dozen times and not meet each other. While there aren’t many opportunities for fighters of this size to compete, both of these girls have managed to stay busy and develop as top tier competitors in the division.
Florina is a tough and technically capable fighter that recently won the WKA nationals. Ashley Nichols is undefeated and will be the toughest challenge yet for the hometown favorite Florina.

Thanks to Justin Blair and The Church Street Boxing Gym for continuing to champion female fighters.
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