Friend or Foe LaRosa vs. Modaferri

Friend or Foe LaRosa vs. Modaferri

Friend or Foe LaRosa vs. Modaferri

Friend or Foe LaRosa vs. Modaferri Last night in Worcester Ma, Moosin presented God of Martial Arts which featured a special attraction rematch between long time MMA fighters Tara LaRosa and native Roxanne Modafferi. There was a lot of speculation about this fight as Tara has won 15 straight fights in a row without a single loss in nearly 7 years. Her only loss was by TKO at the hands of Jennifer Howe, whom interestingly Roxy beat twice.

Friend or Foe LaRosa vs. Modaferri

Both girls entered the cage as extreme opposites, Roxy in black smiling playing techno music waving her hands in the air with a Happy Warrior sign fighting out of the red corner weighing in at 128 lbs and Tara all in white came out very focused and ready to get down to business, fighting out of the blue corner weighing in at 129 lbs. Fight fans were a bit amused as neither fighter touched gloves, instead Tara looked at her right glove with a “Yah right attitude” and Roxy did a back fall on the mat and laid in a corpse pose.

This fight had everything! The first round was what all fight fans like, action packed! Roxy came on aggressive with punches, kicks, knees and even a spinning back fist and Tara returned with powerful punches, clinching and takedowns. In the last minute of the first round Tara rocked Roxy with a right hook causing her to stumble back but recovered and then grinned before throwing a vicious superwoman punch that dropped Tara to the mat as Roxy pounced on her and hammered her with a ground and pound that would leave most fighters unconscious but Tara with what must have been that “yah right this is not over attitude” somehow managed to get to her feet just seconds before the bell.

The second round was more back and forth making it difficult to score, Tara came exploding back with hard and fierce strikes and looking for a take down and Roxy landed an awesome flying knee to the solar plexus, as Tara returns and stuns Roxy with a series of combinations and ends the round with a nice takedown holding in half guard. Both girls were clearly evenly matched!

Friend or Foe LaRosa vs. Modaferri

The final round was an all out war, Roxy delivers a series of strikes and kicks putting Tara on the fence who returns with combinations that land a powerful right cross that sends Roxy stumbling back as Tara capitalizes by pouncing on her. Roxy closes guard then quickly slaps on a triangle! Tara picks her up off the the ground and Roxy hangs on but eventually loses the hold and gets back to her feet where each contender vied for takedowns. Scoring this fight was not easy. It went to split decision with Roxy Modafferi being triumphant!

I found these two back in the locker room smiling, reviewing the fight with each other, showing a great display of sportsmanship. Tara expressed that it is one thing to win but you learn more when you lose and Roxy wasn’t sure what the future held for her concerning Strikeforce and a potential fight with Sarah Kaufman, although she will be preparing for it with some helpful pointers from her friend Tara. When I asked them both if they would fight again, they both enthusiastically said “Absolutely! Now that would be a rematch for Strikeforce!”

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