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Gina Carano vs. Leiticia Pestova

Gina Carano vs. Leiticia Pestova WEF June 2006 Gina Carano later will become the female face of MMA winning the hearts of the fans of WMMA

Gina Carano fight stats gina carano MMA fighter

BIRTHDAY: 1982-04-16
172.72 CM WEIGHT
143 LBS

7 wins 1 loss

Leiticia Pestova


167.64 CM WEIGHT
125 LBS
0  0 KO/TKO (0%) 0 SUBMISSIONS (0%) 0 DECISIONS (0%)

Leiticia Pestova is a classical musician, professional singer and songwriter, dancer, realtor, mortgage broker, Rotarian, website designer, business owner, cage fighter, model and teacher; these are only a few of her many accomplishments at her young age.

Leiticia was musically trained by Joanne Jaffa, a record producer and manager who used to tour with Jim Tucker of The Turtles as well as The Crossfires. She began playing classical piano at age 3, and at age 11, she began classical violin, Irish music, fiddling, and theory appreciation at Joanne’s School of Music. Leiticia began to compete professionally when she was 12 at Music in the Mountains Scholarship Competition in California, and she began teaching classical piano and violin when she was 16 years old, supervised by Joanne Jaffa.

In 1994 Leiticia was asked to join the band CJA, whose members include Joanne Jaffa and Christine Adkins, another classical musician in Arizona. Leiticia toured throughout California, and eventually parts of Arizona. CJA has been recognized as one of Arizona’s best pop bands and currently has three CD’s, a music video and merchandise. CJA is currently working to open their own nightclub in Mesa, which will also feature the band on weekends. The location will be near the new Mesa Arts Centre.

At age 15, Leiticia moved to Arizona and attended Mesa Community College for a degree in business.

Leiticia began modelling at age 16 at CJA’s Film Studios in Scottsdale. She has won 1st Place awards for Best Model, Sponsor’s Choice, Favourite Model and Best Dressed. She has also been featured in FAME Magazine and Photo Shoot Monthly.

At age 18, Leiticia Pestova passed the Arizona State test for Real Estate and became licensed to sell property. When she was 19, she became a Mortgage Broker and also received a certificate in teaching. In 2004, Leiticia began the process of opening her own music school and finally culminated Musician Masters, LLC in 2005.

Leiticia is an active member in Rotary, an internationally known group of business professionals who gather together to benefit their communities through charity events, and community service.

Leiticia also began to study Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu with Steve Fossum, president of IKF and ISCF and Master Sensei. In 1994, she began film work and starred in the TV Program, “The World of Martial Arts.”

Also in 1994, Leiticia began studying free-style martial arts at Delgado’s School of the Dragon.

Leiticia Pestova

Here is what Leiticia has to say about her MMA training.

I started training in MMA when I was ten at Delgado’s School of the Dragon in California, then with Master and Sensei, Steve Fossum in California, then I trained with Michelle and Dusty Farrows in Phoenix. Below are some of the point tournaments that I’ve won.


  • 2nd Place-Young Adult Freestyle
  • 1st Place-Young Adult Freestyle
  • 3rd Place-Young Adult Freestyle
  • 1st Place-Jiu-Jitsu
  • 2nd Place-Young Adult Fencing Division
  • 2nd Place-Women’s Fencing Division-A.L.D.F.
  • 3rd Place-Women’s Freestyle-D.S.T.D
  • 1st Place-Firearms-Young Adult-A.L.D.F.
  • 2nd Place-Firearms-Young Adult-A.L.D.F.

I was to have two fights at Rage in the Cage but both opponents stepped out at the last minute… so I’m 2-0 one could say.

Leiticia Pestova

My training partner now is Jacob Greenberg, nutrition expert, grappling coach and body-builder.  I have trained with many different instructors and fitness professionals, but the best two that I’ve worked with are Michelle and Dusty Farrows. Michelle, who is also my good friend, is Top Female Athlete at Rage in the Cage. Both her and Dusty have a mixed martial arts school in Phoenix and they are the best trainers in Arizona. Anyone who is a professional fighter knows their names and respects them, as do I.

Leiticia PestovaCurrently, five days a week, I train in cardio, free-weights, grappling, and pad work. While I was finishing my Associate’s degree at MCC, I took up fencing and firearms, as well as high-diving and hiking. You could say I’m a very active person.

I’ve had requests from fans to list my “training” diet. So here you are…

What I basically do is eat every two hours to speed up my metabolism. I choose from tuna, protein bars, Special-K cereal, chicken, vegetables, or protein shakes (that’s a lot of protein). I always eat at least 1700 calories and drink about a gallon of water every day. I’ve always had a figure that doesn’t like to behave and I fall prey to chocolate cake, so I have to watch myself.

Cardio and resistance training are key factors in my training. I follow my routine five days a week and eat whatever I want on the weekends. And if you haven’t already guessed, it’s chocolate cake!

I was offered two fights in Germany and New Zealand from Jeroene from Martial Arts News Magazine. and I also am waiting for Rage in the Cage to find me additional opponents. I was also offered to become a comic-book character named Trinity (which is my cage name). Anyone who wants to see pictures can view them on my last page on my website.

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