Gloria Ramirez Defeats Chika Nakamura

Gloria Ramirez Defeats Chika Nakamura

Gloria Ramirez Defeats Chika Nakamura

Gloria Ramirez Defeats Chika Nakamura

Gloria Ramirez Defeats Chika Nakamura December 17, 2009 Irvine, CA Last Thursday night was a fight to remember at the Battle in the Ballroom. It was certainly the most memorable fight of the night, not just for boxing fans, but for Gloria Ramirez (11-15-7) of Santa Ana. Paired against an undefeated Chika Nakamura of Los Angeles, who held a perfect record of 8-0, 3 KO’s before the fight, Ramirez surprised the fans by her exceptional boxing skill, defeating Nakamura by a majority decision (59-55, 58-56, 57-57).

The difference in height, Nakamura (5’9) vs. Ramirez (5’4), did not translate into an advantage in the ring for Nakamura. On the contrary, Ramirez quickly adapted to her opponent’s height and stance, delivering consistent crushing blows to Nakamura’s head through relentless combinations of hooks, jabs and well-targeted uppercut punches.

Gloria Ramirez Defeats Chika Nakamura

Nakamura’s attacks somehow missed the target. Ramirez successfully maneuvered through Nakamura’s punches, ducking, diving, blocking and delivering surprise attacks on Nakamura in between. On top of that, Ramirez’s skillful footwork kept moving the fight around the ring to her advantage. For the entire six rounds, Ramirez was in control.

The fight almost ended in Round 4, when Ramirez bombarded Nakamura with a series of powerful blows. As Nakamura took a heavy beating from Ramirez , the referee stopped the fight, apparently intending to score a TKO for Ramirez. The spectators booed the impending decision. However, after a brief conversation with the judges, the referee resumed the fight.

The six rounds of the female bout energized spectators, who were on pins and needles during the fight, rallying for the girls. “Chika! Chika!” chanted one group of fans, only to be overwhelmed by “Glo-ri-a! Glo-ri-a!” chants from Ramirez’s supporters. In the end, this was a
well-deserved win for Gloria Ramirez.

Photos by Jeni Ehlert

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