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Gracie Invitational April 26th – 27th 2008

Gracie InvitationalRegistration is now open for the Gracie Invitational and for the best academy, best competitor, most improved competitor, best coach and overall contributor to the growth of the sport awards for 2007 – 2008 are all up for grabs.

This years Gracie Invitational will bring another dimension to the sport of BJJ. The team event this year will be a very different animal compared to what is normally done. There will be 4 teams this year, consisting of 5 fighters. 1 Black belt (or brown belt), 2 purples and 2 blue belts. everyone will get to fight but will be fighting and representing their chosen brand rather than their academy.

Manto (Team Poland), Vangaard (Team France), Elemental Kimonos and Black Eagle are the 4 sponsors/teams for this event. If you would like to put your name forward for a team, drop an email to

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