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Grandmaster Chavez Responds to Critics

Angelica ChavezGrandmaster Chavez talks to Fightergirls about why his daughter, fighter Angelica Chavez, didn’t get to fight Rosary Califano.

Last week, we posted an article about Rosary Califano being denied a fight with Angelica Chavez (pictured left) at the Duke City MMA event. Califano stated that the Chavez camp felt that she was too experienced for Angelica. However, the Chavez camp has a different story.

Grandmaster Chavez, Angelica’s manager and father, contacted Fightergirls to set the record straight.

“We had no contract for (Rosary Califano),” Chavez stated. “We knew that she was one of the girls in the running for the fights on the Nov. 7 card. We never agreed to fight her at any time.”

Chavez says that the promoter had not communicated with Califano about not fighting. Chavez also mentioned the reason they chose not to fight Califano was because there was not accurate records at the time.

“We were looking for information on Rosary,” Chavez continued. “The promotion gave us one record, and then I had an independent guy out of California look into Rosary, and he gave me another record. We ended up getting four different records.”

Chavez went on to explain that he wants his daughter to face fighters comparable to her skills. He went on to explain why Brandy Nerney was rejected as a possible fight.

“Brandy Nerney was given to us the day of the fight,” Chavez stated. “They brought us a replacement fighter (Nerney) and she was way too big.”

Chavez says that he would be willing to have Califano face Angelica in the future, and states that Angelica has never back down from a fight that he feels she wouldn’t be totally outmatched on.

“We are in the fight game. If your record matches up close enough to Angelica’s, we’d love to fight you.”

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