Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym Owner

Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym Owner Haley Mason owns Back Cove CrossFit in Portland, Maine. She has been CrossFitting for 5+ years and heavily involved in athletics since she could walk. She was a multi-year competing athlete at The Reebok CrossFit Northeast Regionals.

Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym Owner

She has several Olympic Weightlifting Competitions under her belt and numerous local and Northeast CrossFit competitions under her belt as well. She recently finished her internship CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course and is currently on staff with CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer Course under Coach Mike Burgener.

  • Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym OwnerBody Weight 115-120#
  • Height – 5’3”
  • 2 Rep Max Deadlift – 295#
  • 2 Rep Max Back Squat – 200#
  • 1 Rep Max Split Jerk – 200#
  • 1 Rep Max Front Squat – 185#
  • 1 Rep Max Snatch – 135#
  • 1 Rep Max Clean – 170#
  • 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk – 160#

Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym Owner

Her passion is coaching and helping people strive for excellence in their lives. She was introduced to Fighter Girls via a friend years ago and became great friends with Chad Moechnig and Debi Purcell. She couldn’t get over the durability of whatever competition, workout or everyday life event were thrown at her Fight Girls apparel. Plus these clothes look AWESOME! From there Haley has been a huge promoter of Fighter Girls, their top notch clothing and mission in fitness for women.

Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym Owner Haley Mason CrossFit Trainer Gym Owner

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