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Hannet Staak – Queen of the Mountain

Hannet Staak – Queen of the Mountain
Hannet Staak – Queen of the Mountain

Hannet Staak – Queen of the Mountain After the dust settled at the ADCC tournament, Hannette Staak stood atop the over 60 kilo class. And it wasn’t an easy road to victory.

On  2007 67 kilo and Absolute champion Staak talked about getting through the tournament with quite possibly the toughest road to the finals. She was able to submit a tough Hitomi Hiraiwa with an armbar in the opening round, but her semi-final fight, she states, was a huge challenge.

Hannet Staak – Queen of the Mountain

“My toughest fight was my second fight with Roseangela (Conceicao),” Staak admitted. “The last ADCC I submitted her in less than one minute. This time she came more prepared for the competition; more ready for my game. She was the toughest match.”

Hannette won the semi-final match via points, but had to face another former ADCC champion in the finals.

Penny Thomas was a very, very tough fighter,” Staak admitted. “She was one of the best fights of me life because I never had a fight with her before. This time it was really challenging because she is very strong and very flexible and she has a very good jiu-jitsu positions. But I had control of the match most of the time.”

Staak had gotten Thomas in a knee bar for the win and the ADCC over 60 Kilo title. Being the top of her game wasn’t an easy climb either, but climbing is something that got her into the sport.

“I used to rock climb and I had a pretty good friend who said, ‘Hannette, you have a pretty good grip. Jiu-jitsu would be very good for you.’ I went to my first class and I love it.”

When it comes to the $10,000 Staak won at the ADCC tournament, she says she has one thing she really wants.

“I wanna buy a bed now, because I am sleeping on the ground because my bed is messed up. So a bed is something I wanna buy.”

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