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Heart N Soul Takayo Hashi Female MMA Fighter

Heart N Soul Takayo Hashi Female MMA Fighter
Heart N Soul Takayo Hashi Female MMA Fighter

Heart N Soul Takayo Hashi Female MMA Fighter Takayo Hashi is a force to be reckoned with, both in the ring or cage, or in the dojo.

“She’s as strong as a guy!” I overheard another Keishukai fighter say. His buddy replied, “She’s stronger than half the guys here!”

Fighting out of the dojo “Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo Honbu,” Hashi debuted in GCM’s “Cross Section,” in 2004. She then continued her career in SmackGirl and proceeded to smash all her opponents. Only AACC star Hitomi Akano (married name Hiraiwa) stole a win by arm-bar. Hashi avenged this loss in 2007 via decision, but at the same time winning the SmackGirl Middle-weight title.

Heart N Soul Takayo Hashi Female MMA Fighter

Also in 2007, she competed in the Abu Dhabi Grappling Championships and took third place in her division. In 2008, she competed in MMA for the first time in the USA in the all-female-cage fighting promotion “Fatal Femmes Fighting.” Her opponent, the veteran Amanda Buckner. The two fought an all-out war to decision and she won the nod, in what most would agree to be the fight of the night. Coming up as a ground fighter, she displayed sharpened striking skills she’d been working on with her primary trainer Keiji Koizumi.

When asked, “What are you good at doing besides fighting?” she replied with a laugh, “I’m good at losing my cell phone. I lost it four times in
one year!” She also likes snowboarding, watching movies, and the TV series “Lost.”

When asked how she started fighting, she replied, “My brother did MMA, and I used to watch him train and compete. So I wanted to try it, too.”

Heart N Soul Takayo Hashi Female MMA Fighter

Since then, she’s trained hard night after night. earning her reputation as a serious athlete- something especially difficult to do in Japan.

Finally, she gets another chance to show the world outside Japan what she can do. Coming off her win against Chisa Yonezawa in GCM’s Valkyrie, she’s ready for Canadian Sarah Kaufman February 26th.

Regarding her opponent, she wrote on her blog, “Ten fights and 8 KO’s is so good it’s funny. But for me to be able to fight against such an opponent is great motivation. To be able to challenge her for the title is really going to be a momentous experience. I’m always ready and waiting to fight, but this time I’m going into this heart and soul, with Japanese pride. I’m definitely going to bring the belt home to Japan!”

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