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HIGH HEELS OR BOXING GLOVES? Angela Magana Born to survive, Angela Magana was raised by her grandparents living in California then New Mexico. Sadly her parents were heroin addicts making them unable to care for their daughter.


Hearing this, you would think Angela would be depressed and hating the world but I have one word for you, Warrior! Angela Magana will fool anyone with her bubbly and down to earth character but her love for life is very evident and so is her thirst for fight.

About Angela Magana Childhood

Angela was introduced to martial arts at a young age of thirteen. When asked what made her start training in MMA, the response was, “I loved watching movies like Bloodsport and The Karate Kid”. Very few know of her beginnings such as a wrestler in Jr. High/Sr. High, Golden Gloves boxer, Muay Thai boxer, No-Gi and Gi jiu-jitsu fighter, and the list goes on. She is committed to training in the mixed martial arts and tries to keep her workouts fresh. She even does the workouts from, if you are unaware of what I am talking about, check out the site. The workouts are no joke and Angela tries to incorporate them into her life three to four days out of the week when she’s not training at Team 4 Corners.

Angela Magana Injuries

In September 3rd, of 2007, Angela had an accident falling 30 feet from a building causing her all kinds of injuries including breaking her back. Doctors urged her to get surgery and were ready to airlift her to the nearest major hospital the night of the accident. Against doctor’s opinions, Angela opted for no surgery and she was determined to rehabilitate holistically. She was out of the training scene for a few months while she healed her injuries. Not even her coach was aware that she broke her back; in fact, she ordered to have a fight set up for her as a goal to heal quicker.

However, her determination made her over train causing her to land back in the hospital two days prior to the fight. Doctors told her she might have blood clots in her lungs from the fall, tumors, even cancer but none of that stopped Angela from winning in the second round by armbar against Lynn Alvarez. Oh did I mention that Angela was supposed to be in rehab for six weeks after healing? Needless to say she received all her rehabilitation by training for the fight and luckily she did not have cancer.

Angela Magana Female Fighter

Angela has had eight fights since then including a bitter sweet victory against Jessica Aguilar whom she felt compelled to fight at any cost, after Angela’s second loss to her by verbal submission. If you watch the video, you can understand why Angela wanted a third fight. So what else has Angela been up to these days aside from training? For one, she is very committed to her seven year old daughter, Delilah. I asked Angela if her daughter is into the sport like her mom and the response was, “My daughter plays softball and rolls her eyes when she has to come with me to the gym while I train.” Although, Delilah thought of following in her mom’s footsteps when Angela broke her back, she since then has changed her mind and is content in letting her classmates know her mom is a pro-fighter.

Angela Magana Life Story

I asked what else Angela had been up to aside from being a full-time mom and fighter. As it turns out, Angela has been busy filming in a new NBC show called “Ultimate Women Challenge”, which airing is to be announced. Also, sometime in late March a show called, “Top 20 Most Shocking on truTV” will be airing a video of a wrestling match where Angela broke her opponent’s leg. I’ll admit it is not a video for those with weak stomachs, ouch! Other projects keeping her busy includes a photo shoot with Single Shot photography to show the world that she is not just a fighter. I laughed when Angela said she was horrified at the words that described her like “cornrows”.


She wants to show the softer feminine side of her that people are unaware due to most of her pictures being taken in the ring. Speaking of the feminine side, seeing how fit Angela is, I was very interested in asking her if she had some kind of diet that she followed during her training. It turns out; Angela is into all types of organic foods that mother earth provides. She feels eating healthy all the time is a way of life therefore she does not see the need to diet. As a woman myself, eating healthy all the time is very difficult so I asked if she had any weaknesses. Like most women, Angela has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate, organic ice-cream, and surprise, Little Debbie cakes! Angela did recommend a couple of books however, which inspired her to change her eating habits. The books are written by author Dr. Peter D’Adamo and the titles are “Live Right 4 Your Type” and “The GenoType Diet”.

As I wrapped up my interview, I asked Angela if she wanted me to mention anything specific. Angela graciously thanked the staff at and especially Debi Purcell. She also mentioned how MMA has changed her life and without it she wouldn’t be where she is today. Angela is looking for her next fight to be against Rosi Sexton of the U.K in either April or May of this year. For more information on Angela you can visit her website at

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