Hook N Shoot Pro Tournament Results

Hook N Shoot Pro Tournament Results

Hook N Shoot Pro Tournament Results

Hook N Shoot Pro Tournament Results

Fight one- Lacey Shuckman vs. Maria Reed
winner-Lacey unanimous decision

Fight two-Tammy schneider vs. Lisa Higo
winner- Lisa Haigo- Ref stoppage round 1 ( 49 seconds)

British fighter Lisa Higo shocked the Women’s MMA world on Saturday night as she won the the 8 Woman Gfight Tournament in the USA. Higo who entered the Tourney as a rank outsider with only 1 pro MMA bout to her name defeated 3 other women in the 115lbs division on the same night, in an event which was streamed around the world live on the internet.

Lisa Higo is a team mate of the Cage Warriors Women’s Champion Rosi Sexton and recently attended the UK tryouts for the upcoming Women’s Ultimate Combat reality show, which were held in Manchester. Higo comes from a Muay Thai background and is based in Leeds but has spent the last two years working on her ground game with the SBG Manchester Head Coach Karl Tanswell.

Hook N Shoot Pro Tournament Results

Fight three- Avery billshea vs. Van Do

winner-Van Do, armbar round 2- 2 min 12 seconds

Fight four- Angela Migana vs Jessica Aguilar
winner Angela- decision 30/29 29/29 30/29

Semi finals
Lacey shuckman vs Lisa Higo
winner – Lisa Haigo decision unanimous

Van Do vs. Angela Migana
winner- Angela round 1 rear naked choke 1 min 48sec

Lisa Higo vs. Angela Migana
winner- Lisa Higo decision unanimous

Hook N Shoot Pro Tournament Results

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