Interview Caroline Portugal Hernandez

Interview Caroline Portugal Hernandez
Interview Caroline Portugal Hernandez

Interview Caroline Portugal Hernandez The fourth annual Disneyland® Martial Arts Festival will take place Saturday, March 28, 2009 at the Anaheim Convention Center located in Anaheim, California. The Disneyland® Martial Arts Festival combines the positive atmosphere of competition with the magic of the Disneyland® Resort.

Interview Caroline Portugal Hernandez

This event is open to both children and adults, from White Belt/White Sash to Black Belt/Black Sash This event is open to both children and adults of all levels of experience. Each discipline is coordinated by a knowledgeable authority in their respective discipline. This translates into a fair and accurate interpretation of your performance. Martial artists from all disciplines will enjoy the very best competition from all over the world. Fightergirls sat down with one of the fighters, Caroline Portugal Hernandez, an internationally accomplished fitness competitor, who will be competing in Sport Japanese Jujitsu during the festival.

Interview Caroline Portugal Hernandez

1. How did you get involved in martial arts?
Back in the 80’s, My older brother Salvador was Bruce Lee. When I was 5 years old, I was intrigued with my brother’s ability through martial arts. He was always smaller than than all his friends and training partners and yet he dominated most of them. I came to the realization that dynaminte can come in petite packages. Martial arts training can cultivate great power and skill regardless what size you are. There was no doubt in mind, that I wanted to own that type of wisdom at a very young age.

2. What type of training are you doing to prepare for the Disney Martial Arts Festival?
Up until March 20th, I’m going to continue sparring, sprinting, weight training. Monday-Lots of plyometrics, power weight train and run, Tuesday-ground work and standup fight Wednesday-run,weight train,get a massage Thursday-Sprints, Weights, ground and standup fight Friday-run and get a massage.

3. What’s it like being the only girl training with a bunch of guys?
There is a kicboxing girl that’s really good that I train with her sometimes but she usually likes to train and focus standup with no ground work or takedowns. Most of the MMA classes that I go to, are always all dudes. I love training with guys. Theres no drama. No hard feelings when someone gets hurt physically or when we talk
smack about each other. I love it. Plus, some of the guys act like like my big brothers and are always showing me new things that I need to learn to get better. They always have good intentions for me when I train with them.

4. What do you hope to accomplish in the competition?
I’m hoping to become more fluid witn my new tactics. My Tae Kwon do Stance is completely removed and I learn a new MMA fighting stance and I hope to see what happens in California on March 28th.

5. Tell us about RareNinja Wearable Art?
The name RareNinja came from one of my first clients. A woman called me a RareNinja
and I used that name. To me, a RareNinja is anyone who is a martial artist but owns other useful talents than just knowing how to harm others. The woman who called me a RareNinja, I custom made her wearable art and she was so happy that she cried. She struggled with weight issues. She had a hard time finding fun and funky jeans and I hooked her up with a pair of my RareNinja wearable art service.

6. What do you want to do in the future as far as competing?
To always be inspired to continue to learn about fitness and international culture through martial arts. I am truly fascinated when I meet others from different countries and I can’t understand them. Even though there is a language barrier, we have a strong connection when we train or fight because we share a common martial art. I want people to know through my example, that women wish to possess the desire to want to train and live healthy for Martial Arts. Ultimately, I wish to share my unique positive knowledge and energy with my children, family and friends. Visit for more about Caroline’s custom wearable art, fitness, and self-defense.

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