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Interview Julie Kitchen Muay Thai Fighter

Interview Julie Kitchen Muay Thai Fighter

Interview Julie Kitchen Two of the UK’s biggest Muay Thai stars – Julie Kitchen and Amanda Kelly – will fight in Los Angeles on Dec. 1st as the co-main event at “Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King”. The show is in celebration of the King of Thailand’s 85th birthday, and can be purchased on PPV on Direct TV and INDEMAND at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT.

About Julie Kitchen

Kitchen is currently 47-9-1 after a recent loss to Miriam Nakamoto. That fight was billed as one of the biggest in the history of women’s Muay Thai; FighterGirls caught up with Kitchen to see how training is going for her fight against Kelly, and how training has changed since her loss to Nakamoto.
FG: How is your training going?

Julie Kitchen female fighter
Julie Kitchen

Julie Kitchen Fight Training and Fight Record

Julie: I am no longer training with Nathan for my fights so I spent 10 days in Holland with “Enfusions” Edwin Van Os before flying out [to] Los Angeles where I am currently training with the amazing Manny Pacquiao and his entourage for my running/circuits, and Muay Thai with Paulo Tocha who played Jean Claude Van Dammes’ nemesis “Paco” in the film “Bloodsport”.

We have gelled very well as his techniques are similar to what I am used to, so we will see how it pans out. Paulo is a fantastic motivator so I enjoy my training more now but Nathan got me to where I am now and will still teach seminars with me next year.
FG: How has your training been different for Amanda Kelly rather than Miriam Nakamoto?
Julie: I always train to the best of my ability. There have been some hiccups both personal and professional. I like the fact I am considered the underdog in this fight just because of one loss; I haven’t lost 2 fights in a row since 2005.
FG: Are you back in California training and giving seminars? If so, when are your upcoming seminars?

Julie Kitchen Fight Seminar

Julie: We are doing a huge seminar tour of California in April 2013.I am so excited because we are bringing our twin daughters out as well who are fantastic fighters and Muay Thai enthusiasts. We will be offering seminars both in Muay Thai, following an amazing positive feedback from earlier this year, and also our new concept named tactical strike. The tactical strike seminar [is different from] the Muay Thai seminar as the target audience and student will be not only MMA based but will also be specifically aimed at the grappling expert. We are taking bookings now for April and are hoping to be fully booked by Christmas.

FG: What can fans expect when you step into the ring on Dec. 1st?
Julie: I will always perform and give the audience a show. I have honestly had enough of fighting and my final match is imminent but not sure if this one will be my last. It all depends on what emerges in the future. My focus/hunger/desire just isn’t in competition anymore at this point in time, due to the constant drain with [Muay Thai] politics. I loved the “good old days” when I would step into the ring scared and nervous but also excited and overwhelmed that I was facing someone I respected.

Germaine de Randarmine, Angie Parr, Karen Lynch, Karla Hood and also Miriam Nakamoto were all household favorites and just to be chosen to compete against them was an honor itself let alone if you took the win. Nowadays it’s about business, politics and “piggy backing” someone’s career to climb the ladder as quickly as possible.
In this fight I am defending a world title and not at my chosen weight; but I will be aiming to win nonetheless and silence the critics.
FG: Any other words for your fans?
Julie: Thank you to everyone who has supported me worldwide. I know I have the best supporters in the world and it means so much to me as well as having the best family behind me all the way. Other fighters can take a win or a belt off me but they cannot change a career with the result of one fight.

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Published on: Nov 27, 2012 @ 21:32

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