Jenna Castillo Talks Strikeforce Debut

Jenna Castillo Talks Strikeforce Debut

Jenna Castillo Talks Strikeforce Debut

Jenna Castillo Talks Strikeforce Debut The world class kickboxer makes her debut in her own Bay Area Saturday, and she talks to us about preparing for the big match.

Jenna Castillo is hoping to make an impression in the 125 pound division, as she makes her pro MMA debut on the Strikeforce preliminary card Saturday in her own Bay Area.

Training at Combat Sports Academy, she isn’t alone as her training partner Germiane de Randamie will also be prelims, which will be streamed live and free on Women’s MMA Roundup reporter and Fightergirls correspondent Veronica LoCurto caught up with Castillo at her home gym to discuss her decision to turn to MMA, her friendship with Randamie, and preparing to face Charlene Gellnar in her debut.

Jenna Castillo Talks Strikeforce Debut

Jenna Castillo piled up damage until the decisive third round. Quick two-punch, inside leg kick combinations found their mark for Jenna. Along with a piercing right hand, left high kick combination, Edwards was on the defensive, covering up and on her heels. Castillo pressed the action and forced a standing 8-count. Cornered again later in the round, Castillo’s right hand found its mark repeatedly until referee Dan Stell stepped in and stopped the fight.

In the lone professional Muaythai bout of the evening, Strikeforce and WCSC veteran kickboxer and a member of the Fairtex Mountain View under Ganyao “Dr. Knee” Fairtex, Ryan “T2” Roy put his stamp on Fort Worth, Texas native Nathan Bagby. Bagby started the fight with more effective strikes from the outside, but Roy’s power changed the gameplan early. Heavy kicks to the body echoed off the walls of the conference room, and looping right hands were thrown with knockout intentions. Bagby threw a solid, technical high kick at the end of the first. Roy blocked it with both hands and tossed him unceremoniously to the canvas.

Jenna Castillo Talks Strikeforce Debut

In the second round, Bagby followed his corner’s instructions and landed several quick pinpoint kicks to the legs and body. An imposing T2 started leveling heavy kicks to the midsection, almost like chopping wood. After scoring a knockdown, Roy sent Bagby sprawling to the mat seconds later after kicking his leg out from under him. Ryan Roy began finding the zone in the third round, backing up Bagby into a corner and landing knockout quality punches. Bagby was bloodied, but he remained on his feet. An elbow, right hand combination cut a gash over the right eye of Nathan, but after a quick consult the doctor said he could continue. The onslaught resumed until the doctor was called a second time and the fight was stopped. It was the 7th win for Ryan Roy, and argueably one of the most impressive of his career. His animated in-ring celebration drew a slight chuckle from veteran Thai referee Dej Sri-Ampai, who is as stone faced and professional as any referee in California.

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