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Jennifer Howe undefeated female MMA fighter

Jennifer Howe female fighter

Jennifer Howe undefeated female MMA fighter

Jennifer Howe is an undefeated female MMA fighter and here is a great interview with pro fighter Jennifer Howe. Every wonder what it’s like to be the only female member of one of the most successful MMA teams around, a team that includes two current UFC Champions, Jens Pulver and Matt Hughes, and one past UFC champion, Pat Militech?

Well, here’s your chance to find out. Here’s our interview with Jennifer Howe, the only female member of Team Extreme. This interview was done on 2/23/02. Here’s your chance to find out what one of the top female fighters out there has to say, so don’t miss this rare glimpse at this undefeated fighter. If you’re not familiar with Jennifer, you can check out her profile by clicking here.

About Jennifer Howe

FighterGirls A lot of people name you as one of the if not the top female fighter in the sport today, how do you feel about that?
Jennifer Howe What other people think isn’t so much a concern to me. I’m sure for every positive comment; there are many negative ones out there. I just love competing, not what others think about it.

Jennifer Howe

FG How long have you been with Walt Bayless?
JH I’ve been at Walt Bayless for five years.

FG How did it affect you and the people you train with when Walt left?
JH It’s Walt’s friendship that I miss the most. He taught me much more then just jiu-jitsu.

FG Do you still get to see and talk to him?
JH I haven’t seen much of him since he left, but we still talk.

FG Who is your trainer now?
JH Griffen Reynaud

FG Do you guys train with a gi?
JH No, that’s not a sport I’m interested in.

FG Who are some of the people that you train with?
JH Justin Ellison, Steven Comm, James Saccomano

FG Who is your manager?
JH Monte Cox

FG How long have you wanted to fight Judy Neff?
JH I’ve just been hoping to get a fight, no one person in particular.

FG Is there any girl you do not want to fight?
JH I don’t really know whose out there.

FG How do you feel about the all women’s Hook N Shoot card?
JH I feel this is a great opportunity for female fighters who are really serious about it.

FG If given the chance, would you like to go to Japan and fight?
JH Sure, If I could fit it in my schedule, I’d love to.

FG How long have you been boxing?
JH I’ve been boxing for two years.

FG How long in mma?
JH About two years.

FG Who was your hardest fight?
JH I respect all of my opponents.

FG How did it make you feel after training to fight 3 separate opponents in MN and then not fighting, did this discourage you?
JH Frustrated as always. I can understand someone pulling out because their injured, that makes sense, but it really bothers me when my opponent pulls out a couple of weeks before just because.

FG Have you found yourself in similar situations in the past?
JH You’ll find that in female competition, for every four you agree to do, one will happen.

FG How are you preparing for this fight?
JH The same as I always do.

FG You have been fighting a lot longer then most of the women out there, do you have any advice for the newer girls that are just getting started?
JH The only thing I would say is learn as much as you can from each opponent and have fun.

FG What’s your normal training schedule?
JH I train about four to five days a week, three hours each day. Each day a grapple, do combat conditioning, and box.

FG What is your favorite organization to fight in?
JH I love fighting in the Extreme Challenge. My opponents always show up. I haven’t had as much luck with the others. Also, the promoter (Monte Cox) isn’t flaky like some of the others I’ve met.

FG What do you think about females that hand pick their opponents?
JH I’ve never met one and I don’t pay to much attention to what’s said. You can’t believe everything you hear.

FG Are you a computer/internet user?
JH Once I graduated college I had no use for it anymore. My life is too busy to waste time surfing the net.

FG We never see you post on the Internet, is that because you do not go on to the net, or just because you want to avoid the drama?
JH I have a career and I’m a single mom with two boys. Every extra minute I have goes to training. When would I have time to post on the Internet? Besides, what does my training and competing have to do with how much I can talk. Listening to what everyone has to say only clouds your mind. It can make overconfident or help you to lose confidence in yourself.

FG What was the reason behind the big lay off from fighting you had a while back?
JH I was given a promotion at work, which demanded much more time from me. Once I got settled I realized I missed competing and got back into it.

FG Do you look at the upcoming Hook and Shoot card as anything other than another fight?
JH No. I’m just looking forward to competing.

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Published on: Feb 25, 2002 @ 18:27

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