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Jessica Aguilar Hometown Girl Seeks Bellator Crown

Jessica Aguilar Hometown Girl Seeks Bellator Crown
Jessica Aguilar Hometown Girl Seeks Bellator Crown

Jessica Aguilar Hometown Girl Seeks Bellator Crown Fighting less than an hour from Bellator in Hollywood this Thursday, JAG hopes to make American Top Team proud. Jessica Aguilar is ready to make her mark on national television.

The 8-3 fighter is on a three fight win streak, and hopes to make it four with Lynn Alvarez in the opening round of the Bellator 115 pound tournament starting Thursday in Hollywood, FL.

Jessica Aguilar Hometown Girl Seeks Bellator Crown

Aguilar was on “Fighter girls” to talk about who she is preparing to climb to the top of the 115 pound ranks. Her training isn’t varying due to the competition.

“I prepare for my fights the same way,” Aguilar admitted. “My training never changes, only my strategy. I am not training less on the ground because I am good at the ground, but I have a lot to learn.”

“As much training on the ground I have on my stand up, and as much training I do on the ground; I do in training wrestling.”

Jessica Aguilar Female Fighter

Aguilar has already faced several tournament competitors, including her debut match loss to #4 ranked Lisa Ward four and a half years ago, and her loss to Angela Magana last year. She looks forward to facing them again in the tournament.

“If those opportunities come, I would love to avenge those losses. If they don’t, I am just focused on winning the tournament.”

Jessica Aguilar Training

Aguilar isn’t looking pas Lynn Alvarez, however. When asked about her strategy coming in, she leaves that to the trainers at American Top Team.

“(My coach) focuses on my opponent and what they are good at. He structures the strategy for the fight. He says ‘okay, she is good on the ground, this is what she is going to do, blah blah blah’, and that’s all I am concerned about.”

Any way you slice it, Aguilar said she is well prepared to take on Alvarez and make it to the semi-finals.

“If she wants to stand up, I’ll stand up. If she wants to do what she wants to do I am ready to take it where she wants to take it.”

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