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Jessica Aguilar Rocks Valerie Coolbaugh

Jessica Aguilar Rocks Valerie CoolbaughJessica Aguilar Rocks Valerie Coolbaugh Jessica Aguilar proves persistence pays off.

It was a huge night for Jessica Aguilar, while she gave up a 6 inch reach advantage and probably 15+ pounds at fight time, determination and execution made all the difference in the out come – Jessica just simply used superior skills and exploded to totally dominate the fight.

Jessica Aguilar Rocks Valerie Coolbaugh

Most of the action in the 1st round was a combination of stand up exchanges, takedowns, and then a mix of ground and pound along with some very damaging rear naked chokes- Valerie just kept fighting through all of this, but it was clear that it was taking a lot out of her.

The fight ended in the 2nd round due to a verbal tap out as Valerie had spent the better part of the 2nd round caught in an incredibly tight triangle choke following a nonstop back mount pounding.

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