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Jessica Zomcik Female Fighter Interview

Jessica Zomcik Female Fighter Interview
Jessica Zomcik Female Fighter Interview

Jessica Zomcik Female Fighter Interview Jessica Zomcik defeated fellow newcomer Janel Krafft in 26 seconds increasing her record to 1-0.  She was elated to say the least but I think she was happier sharing her experience with friends and family. Her parents were attending and excited for her. nervous but still excited. We often hear about families not condoning their daughters as fighters. It was refreshing to see acceptance of Jessica as a fighter. Coach Dan Swift and Jessica Zomcik

Jessica Zomcik Female Fighter Interview

Fightergirls: Hi Jessica. Thanks for taking the time to talk to Congratulations on your win. That was a great knockout. What was your game plan going in?

Jessica: Probably keep it standing. I found out she didn’t have any Jiu Jitsu experience. Dan Swift wanted me to back up and fight defensively, mostly counter punching.

Fightergirls: She looks powerful and it looked like her first punch connected.

Jessica: I think she got me once in the face. I didn’t really feel it. I get punched in the face seven days a week by grown men.

Fightergirls: Gina Carano said something to the effect that everyone should be hit in the face once a day.

Jessica: I agree with that. (Laughs)

Someone in the room: Or ten times. (Everyone laughs)

Fightergirls: What got you started in Mixed Martial Arts?

Jessica: I met a kid and he got me interested in it. I went to watch some of his classes. Dan talked to me about trying a jits class out and I was hooked.

Fightergirls: What’s your favorite martial art? Obviously striking must be fun.

Jessica: Punching people in the face is a little fun, yeah. I don’t know. It goes from week to week. Sometimes I’m better at Jits; sometimes I’m better at boxing, but I love them both.

Fightergirls: How do you feel about the current state of female MMA?

Jessica: This is my first fight. I have no problem with it. I enjoy the rules. I think they’re fair.

[Note: Jessica and Janel fought an amateur fight. The time limit for amateurs in Ohio is limited to 3 minute rounds for men and women.]

Fightergirls: Do you have a favorite professional fighter?

Jessica: I have a few. I like Wanderlei Silva. He’s got a pretty leather face. Fedor, Fedor is fun to watch.

Fightergirls: There aren’t many women fighting at 160 professionally.

Jessica: I was supposed to fight at 145 a few months ago. I’m fighting at 145 in about 2 weeks so I got some weight to lose. My original plan was to say at 145 but this fight [at 160] was the only weight they could get me.

Fightergirls: What’s next for you? You have another fight coming up?

Jessica: Yes. August 8th. I just found out 5 minutes ago.

Fightergirls: Do you compete in anything other than MMA?

Jessica: I played high school football for 3 years. Then I went into a women’s league for four years. One year of hockey. I like street bikes, but I’ve dropped everything to focus on MMA. I am totally in love with it.

Fightergirls: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

Jessica: I’d like to thank Dan Swift; Al Zuck, and all of Team DNA they all make me a better person and fighter. They really push me hard. I love it! Push me hard and I am going to get there.

Photos By Lori Syroney

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