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Jillian Lybarger’s Definitive Direction

Jillian Lybarger’s Definitive Direction
Jillian Lybarger’s Definitive Direction

Jillian Lybarger’s Definitive Direction Amateur fighter, Jillian Lybarger, has a plan on the road to making her MMA dream come true.

Jillian Lybarger has dedicated herself to fighting and is working on a plan to make herself the best in the 125 pound division.

Although she is only an amateur fighter out of Arizona, Jillian has a respectable record of 2-1 and has some of the best coaches and managers behind her.

Jillian Lybarger’s Definitive Direction

Jillian was on Fighter girls to talk about her goals in the sport.

She is not alone in her endeavors, as her twin sister, Jocelyn, is also training in MMA in California.

“The funny thing with Jocelyn and I is we do everything exactly the same,” Jillian commented. “We did that through growing up, and in sports through high school. We went on to play basketball for San Diego, so we are kind of attached at each other’s hip.”

Jillian got hooked on MMA after watching male friends in the gym. She wanted a better and harder workout routine and immediately got hooked.

“I thought I was in shape playing basketball and lifting weights,” Jillian admitted. “But the shape I am in now is totally different from what I was in college and high school. I like this a lot better. You need to be more disciplined. You need to watch what you eat. You put in a lot of time fighting. Fighting has pretty much taken over my life, which is a very good thing.”

Jillian says she looks up to Gina Carano and states she wants to travel like her hero to gain some much needed experience.

“I have been looking into (traveling),” Jillian said. “(Hopefully) Japan and Thailand. My coaches just came back from Canada. I am working on getting my passport right because there are a lot of coaches and friends that we have in different countries I would love to go train with. Compete? That is an option.”

Jillian says she plans to go pro sometime this fall; but for now, her next fight is on May 1 at the Plaza Casino fights in Las Vegas.

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