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Kaitlin Young Weighs In

Kaitlin YoungThe last time we saw Kaitlin Young, she and Gina Carano were tearing down the house and the ratings a year ago on the first EliteXC card on CBS. Now, fresh out of college with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, she sets her full attention on returning to the cage to avenge her last two losses.

In an interview on touched several issues, including her fight career and the direction of women’s mma in general. She also confirmed she has been in talks with Strikeforce and when asked who she’d like to fight if given the opportunity, she had one name in mind.

“I want (Sarah) Kaufman real bad, you have no idea how bad I want that fight,” Young responded. “We were supposed to fight back in November. I quit all my hours at work, I was training my butt off for this fight and three weeks out (EliteXC) declares bankruptcy.”

Young went on to say she respects Kaufman and even hung out with her this past January. Ironically, Young will help train Kaufman’s next opponent, Shayna Baszler, in the next few weeks. Being out of the cage, Young has been observing the progress of women’s mma. When asked about Cyborg Santos not making weight at the Strikeforce event back in April, Young was very opinionated.

“I think it’s crap she weighed seven pounds heavier,” Young commented. “I think it was a matter of just not trying. Yeah a pound or two that makes sense. You gave it all you got and got stuck.”

Cyborg, who had fought at 140 pounds when she fought Shayna Baszler back in July, was over 150 pounds when she defeated a much smaller Hitomi Akano. Even tough Akano received 20 percent of Cyborg’s purse, Young feels a more stricter action is needed in such extreme circumstances such as this.

“I personally think they should handle missing weight with a year’s suspension,” Young recommended. “The problem is that the promotion can’t touch what Cyborg is getting in sponsorship (money). So she gets all that.”

Young explains that fighters can still make money from sponsors as long as they fight. If they can’t fight, that sponsorship money dries up.

“These big fights, especially the women fighter, are making close to if not more in sponsorship then they are for their fight purse,” Young argues.

For now, Young says she is willing to fight anyone, and is preparing for that call for her to enter that cage once again.

“I’m just waiting to get a fight,” Young says. “I’m trying to keep in pretty good shape because I feel like what if another situation like Sarah (Kaufman) presents itself. What if a person pulls out two or three weeks out? So I am trying to stay in good shape and be ready.”

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