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Kalin Rutherford Interview Female BJJ / Grappler

Kalin Rutherford
Kalin Rutherford

Kalin Rutherford Interview Female BJJ / GrapplerInterview with youth grappler Kalin Rutherford. A female grappling superstar moving up in her BBJ Grappling competitions. Fighter girls interviews this female fighter.

1. Hi. Can you tell me your name, age, height and weight?
Kailin Rutherford, 13, 5’5”, 113

2. Where do you live?
I live in Rowland Heights, California.

3. What Academy do you train out of? Who is your trainer?
I train at Kung Fu San Soo United Fighting Systems with Jeff Frater as my trainer.

4. What type of Martial Art do you practice? If there are more than one, please tell me all of them. Do you hold any degrees/belts in any of them?
I practice grappling mostly. Occasionally I practice kicking and punching, and Kung Fu. I have a red belt currently.

Kalin Rutherford Interview Female BJJ / Grappler

5. Can you explain to me a typical day in your life? I would assume juggling school and training keeps you very busy?
It is true juggling school and training is very entertaining, but I am not only involved in training. I’m very involved in other after school activities. A typical day would be going to school, then finishing my homework and jetting over to train. Any other day that I’m not training, I’m doing some other activities such as sports, projects, etc.

6. How did you develop an interest in Martial Arts?
I developed an interest in martial arts by attending my cousin’s grappling tournament. I pretty much instantly fell in love with the sport. I signed up to train, and started my first class the day after the tournament.

7. Do you see yourself participating in Mixed Martial Arts competitions when you get older?
Yes, I definitely see myself participating in cage fights, and MMA tournaments when I get older. Though I have a lot of work to go through and training to do..I think I definitely will give it a try.

8. What do your friends and schoolmates think of what you do?
The people at school who have heard what I do are in disbelief, (stereotypes about girls..etc.) The ones that know what I can do are proud, and the ones that have seen what I can do are scared.

9. Can you give me a rundown on the grappling events you have participated in and how you have done in them? Plus, if you can, your overall record?
CMS tournaments: 2 golds, 4 silvers Gardena tournament: silver Grapplers Quest: gold
San Diego tournament: silver Fountain Valley: gold

10. You also participate in a quasi-MMA tournament where there was no punching and kicking to the head for kids your age…How did you do in this tournament?
I was the only girl in my division, out of a total of about 6 boys. I took second place, but I have been training hard to surpass my “nemasis”..I will be returning to that tournament this year to take revenge…just kidding. I’m hoping to do better this year though.

11. Do you usually spar with other girls or girls and boys?
I spar against boys and girls alike.

12. What is your favorite submission hold?
Wow. That’s a hard one. I’d probably have to go with the sleeper (choke) hold.

13. I heard a story of you sparring with a 20 yr. old man. Within minutes you had him in a submission choke hold…Can you tell me more about this?
He was about 160 pounds, 5’8. Basically I just took the mount and choked him out. It was pretty cool. Lasted about 20 seconds.

14. Other than training and sparring and assuming because of your age you done lift weights, do you do any type of strength training? Pushups? Cardio?
Yes. Every Monday at school we are required to run for a total of 30 minutes straight. Aside from my optional running. I also participate in drumline. I play the tenor, which weighs at least 60 pounds. Everyday after school until 7 PM, I march drill with the 60 pound tenors. That’s pretty much my work out for now.

15. Do you participate in any other sports? In school or outside of school?
Aside from drumline, which is very time consuming, I play softball, volleyball, and basketball.

16. I am sure you follow the sport of MMA…Who are your favorite female fighters?
I respect all female fighters. We need more of them, and the ones that we have are proving to every undermining man, or even any man in the world that chicks can dominate..even in a “man’s” sport. so ha!

17. Who is your favorite male fighter?
I don’t have a favorite. Every fighter has their strengths and their weaknesses. I respect/favor every fighter for different reasons.

18. In the tournaments you participate in, do you compete against boys and girls?
Yes, I compete against boys and girls.

19. What do your parents think of your training? Do they support you 100%?
Yes, my mother, and only my mother..(no dad) has been supporting me 100% from the beginning. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be in it. Thanks Mom!

20. Do your parents also train?
Well, she tries.

21. Assuming you take this to the next, ultimate level of MMA, how do you think your parents will react when you lace ’em up for your first fight?
I think she will give me complete support all the way. She’ll probably be nervous, but she’ll be there.

22. What future tournaments do you plan on participating in this year?
The quasi-MMA tournament where there was punching and kicking to the head in San Diego coming in August. I plan to do the Kung Fu San Soo tournament in Redlands in September, and Grapplers Quest in November.

23. What are your plans and goals for martial arts?
I WANT to become one of the best female fighters in MMA.

24. Will we be seeing you fighting in a cage in the coming years fighting against other MMA female Professionals?
After a LOT of training, and practice…I say yes!

25. Should the younger female fighters like Erica Montoya start getting nervous for your arrival in about 5 to 6 years?
Maybe it’s more like 8 years, but yes. I think that after a lot of hard work I should at least give them a good run for their money.

26. What are your interests outside of martial arts?
Almost every sport I’ve ever played, vampires, drumline, hangin out with friends, internet (chatting), listening to music, but the best thing still remains, training.

27. Who is your favorite musical band? (Don’t say NSync, ha ha ha)
linkin park is my favorite band.

28. What is your favorite color?
My favorites are red and black.

29. What is your favorite food?

30. What do you want to become when you get older? What are your goals?
I want to take martial arts to the ultimate level, but I also want to go to college, find a major I’ll be happy with.

31. Will we see you competing in the Olympics someday?
You never know, maybe I will….

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