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Kayo Women MMA Results

Kayo Women MMA Results
Kayo Women MMA Results

Kayo Women MMA Results  Sunday 6th March 2010 saw the return of KAYO-MMA to the MMA fans of London, with 3 female fights on the card.

There had been some alterations to the original line up meaning the Catchweight 52Kg bout between Simona Soukupova of KO MMA and Catherine Costigan, she would now be facing Lisa Newton, who had been due to be fighting on Clash Warriors. Both women had fights organized on different shows and both had opponents forfeit due to injury, it seemed a lucky turn for Simona and Lisa to find an opponent in each other at such short notic

Kayo Women MMA Results

The first female bout of the night was a semi-pro match-up between Sarah Moras of Nomad MMA and Clarissa Thompson of Trojan Free Fighters and was Catchweight 64kg. Sarah Moras who is originally from Canada has been living and training in the UK with Rosi Sexton, was due to fight on the previous KAYO-MMA event, but had to decline due to injury, in now back on top form and was more than ready to prove her skills!

Clarissa’s team Trojan Free Fighters boasts more Muay Thai champions and top class fighters than any other camp in the country,but we were not to see these skills today. Sarah is very strong on the ground having trained No-gi for over 3 years, and it was interesting to see her decidedly keeping the fight stand up, especially against an opponent with strength in stand up predicted. The first round consisted of Sarah dominating with a great display of stand up striking combinations, and Clarissa attempting several unsuccessful take down attempts.

The second round seemed to follow suit, then suddenly being taken to the ground, Sarah ending the fight with a successful arm bar in the second round. On speaking to Sarah after the fight she said, “I wanted to keep the fight standing, I’m confident on the ground, so I wanted to use this opportunity to work on my striking, my aim is to go pro, so I need to be a well rounded fighter – and now I know I am!” Well, I have to agree it was great to see this display from someone who is comfortable on the ground, and we are looking forward to Sarah Moras’ Pro bouts! There have been discussions of Sarah potentially fighting again towards the end of the month.

Kayo Women MMA Results

The second female bout of the night was a professional MMA bout between Claire Vagges of Trojan Free Fighters and Kathryn Gallagher of Dinky Ninja Fight Team, a Catchweight 58KG. Again the Trojan claims were not to be fulfilled tonight as another 3 rounds of Kathryn’s domination were to follow. Kathryn who was sporting a beautiful set of Fightergirls shorts and sport top displayed an excellent show of precise Muay Thai striking skills and excellent fitness, throughout the 3 rounds, with the fight finishing after the full time by unanimous decision in favor of Kathryn. We caught up with Kathryn after the fight, on asking how she felt to win her debut MMA outing, “Great!” she replied, we asked her opinion on the practicality of her outfit, “Oh my god, it’s so comfy! I love this stuff!” It certainly seems to have done the trick!

The last female fight of the night was the main event a professional MMA Catchweight 52Kg bout between Simona Soukupova of KO MMA and Lisa Newton of Akurei MMA, with both women having weighed in at 50kg. On speaking to Lisa prior to the fight she had the following advice for women in the sport, “I would say the most important thing is to make sure you are at a good club that supports you.

If your club won’t let you train elsewhere, I would be thinking why. You can go out learn new things and bring it back to the club – and if it is a good club you will come back”, on speaking about fights she mentions, “make sure you are happy with the fights you are taking, I took my first fight after just 3 months training, I just wanted to get stuck in! But it was too soon” Newton who is quite involved in the UK female MMA scene helps women in the UK obtain fights and get in touch with promotions through facebook and – due to her own struggles with getting good fights.

Simona who began her training in the Czech Republic came to the UK approximately 5 years ago and found KO MMA team, then training mostly Muay Thai, but due to injuries wandered down the path of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has now taken the step to MMA. When asked what drew her to martial arts, Simona stated, “Boredom!” I think many us can relate to that!

This was set to be a very interesting fight with both fighters well rounded looking almost equal in strengths. The first round started and Simona came out very strong, displaying those 6 years of Muay Thai training within the first few seconds, constant combinations, one after the other with barely a moment’s breath between, with the fight being stopped early, towards the end of the first round by a controversial corner stoppage. This was very hard to call as I think Lisa had much more to give and having a cautious referee not wishing to stop the fight to soon, it was difficult to see what the best call would have been. Both women are looking forward to their next bouts and Lisa is un-phased by the loss.

We are looking forward to another KAYO-MMA event which is planned for early September – also looking forward to seeing more from Kathryn Gallagher, Simona Soukupova, and Sarah Moras! Big thanks to Lisa Newton and all her in put to the UK Female MMA scene as well.

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