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Kerry Vera Female MMA

Kerry Vera Female MMA
Kerry Vera Female MMA

Kerry Vera Female MMA Kerry Vera about taking on Kim Couture and how husband Brandon fits into her life as a fighter.

The Vera family has had a tough month so far. After her husband Brandon’s close decision loss to Randy Couture this last weekend in London, Kerry Vera gave her husband a big hug and some supportive words before he headed to the back of arena.

Kerry Vera Female MMA

It is something a great couple does, but Kerry’s and Brandon’s relationship is something of a rarity. Both are fighters in a sport where winning and losing depends on how you yourself perform. Having someone to know what you are going through is something special.

“We are more supportive of each other than anything, and I think that’s really important in a relationship,” Kerry stated.

Kerry Vera was on this past week, as she was getting ready for her match with Kim Couture on the Strikeforce Challenger’s series this Friday and preparing to watch Brandon’s fight in London. Although Kerry doesn’t train with her husband Brandon, she admits that being in a relationship with a fighter has other advantages.

“It’s been great having us both be fighters,” Vera explains. “We both understand what we are going through. Neither one of us are picking on each other ‘Why are you at the gym so long? Why are you so late?’ It’s never been an issue. We don’t fight viagra generico prezzo. We don’t question each other about training. We don’t question each other about anything.”

“Because if you have somebody that doesn’t understand, it might cause problems. I am thankful we both have that.”

As for Kim Couture, Kerry says the trip hasn’t effected her. The Muay Thai specialist says that grappling isn’t a concern, seeing Kim’s gym, Xtreme Couture, specializes in ground training.

“Actually I’m not worried about it at all”, Vera admitted. “I have great wrestling partners I have at the gym that I wrestle. They have been teaching me everything I need to know for every situation. I’m more excited about it than anything because my last fight I didn’t get to do anything like that, but I have been training it. So, no matter what I’ll be training for it and I think that’s the exciting part. If we go to the ground, we got to the ground. If we end up in the clinch or on the cage we end up there. It’s not a big deal to me.”

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