KROQ Weenie Roast 2016 Bust

It was a great time and some really good bands but I did pay good money to see the red hot chili peppers. Right before they were to come out as the closing band flea said Anthony had a medical emergency. Trust me when it comes to having a medical emergency I can respect and understand this but to tell your fans and customers right before the band to play is total BS! I paid a bunch of money and so did the others people there to see the red hot chili peppers play. I am sure this medical incident did not happen right before the band Red hot Chili peppers got on stage. I did like the bands that played tonight like Weezer, Panic! at the Disco, Empire of the Sun, Garbage, Lumineers, Fitz and the Tantrums and Miike Snow. Blink-182. Would I have went to the event and spent the big money? No! I would have wanted a refund or I would not have bought tickets if Red hot Chili Peppers were not going to play. I did call the 949-855-8095 and talked to them about a refund or discount for the money I paid for a show that was not promised!  The where really nice and told me that I needed to contact the company I purchased the tickets from. I am sure ticketmaster will say that sorry your money is not refundable or discount but I did pay with my credit card and love the fact that I can dispute the charges and get my money back without dealing with companies that take our hard earned money and think they can just keep it without giving us what we paid for.  If you don’t ask for some kind of refund or even your money back from where you bought your weenie roast 2016 tickets you deserve and should be discounted for the headline band not playing.


If you feel the same way call ticketmaster and ask for a full Partial refund for the Winnie roast show 2016 and if not stand together and call your credit card company and dispute the charges due to the fact of no fulfilling a venue promised. I want my money back!

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