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Tara LaRosa Out-Grapples Valarie Coolbaugh

Tara LaRosaTara LaRosa dominates the ground at the “Locked in the Cage” main event.

If it wasn’t a mma fight, you could have sworn it was a grappling match of wills.

Hometown fighter and #1 ranked 135 pounder Tara LaRosa took it to the ground, and submitted seasoned veteran Valerie Coolbaugh at 3:15 in the first round at “Locked in the Cage” main event in Philadelphia Friday night.

“I was really hoping to keep it on my feet. I really felt my best chance for a win was while standing,” Coolbaugh commented. “After I landed that first solid punch I thought ‘Ah haI I can do this! She can be hit!’.”

LaRosa (18-1) took it to the ground early as she took Coolbaugh (4-2) down early with a double leg takedown. Coolbaugh takes guard, with LaRosa driving her into the cage.

“We went to the ground and for a split second I was thinking this isn’t where i want to be, but then I settled in a bit, even giggled for a second when I had the kimora attempt, but she got out. and she chuckled too, which just helped me to relax. Tried to get a triangle, but she got out.”

LaRosa gained side control, then got the mount.

“She even had full mount on me and I was still able to control her enough that none of her punches landed,” Coolbaugh recounts. “Unfortunatly, the rear naked choke was sunk in DEEP! but i was very happy it wasn’t an arm bar….finally!!!”

Both women were very respectful of each other at at the end of the fight.

“Valerie is the sh#%,” LaRosa said post fight.

“Tara was very nice and cool, and i had a blast and didn’t get injured a bit!” Coolabugh admitted. “I have learned that i can overcome the name, and dish out some power with my hands and the other person handle it and come out fine! maybe her and i will get another round someday!!!”

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