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LaTasha Marzolla Muay Thai Fighter

LaTasha Marzolla Muay Thai Fighter
LaTasha Marzolla Muay Thai Fighter

LaTasha Marzolla Muay Thai Fighter The highly rated Muay Thai fighter talks about transition to amateur MMA and her plans for the future.

If there was one amateur women’s MMA fighter that is well known in the Vegas, it’s LaTasha Marzolla. The kickboxing queen has been transitioning over to MMA during the past two years, working heavily as of late with pro-fighter Elaina Maxwell.

On Fighter Girls, Marzolla talked about her blossoming amateur career. Her start in martial arts and kickboxing seemed to be clan destined.

“Somebody broke into my house when I was twenty years old,” Marzolla explained. “I had a son that was nine months old. I was really scared. I caught the guy, and I ended up lying in bed that night and Master Toddy’s commercial came on tv. I really thought it was a sign. So I went down and signed up the next day, and started fighting a few months later.”

When it comes to getting hit, Marzolla has an interesting philosophy.

LaTasha Marzolla Muay Thai Fighter

“If I’m in the ring and getting punched, all I have to do is think about (my kids) and it’s on,” Marzolla stated. “It’s a whole other thing fighting a mom. Because if you gave birth, you can take a punch.”

Marzolla is known as a striker, but says that her focus has been on grappling ever since she started training for MMA.

“I really like grappling now; more than kickboxing,” Marzolla explains. “I felt like I peaked with my kickboxing. I just wasn’t learning any more. With adding different things in my game, I feel like I’m learning everyday. I’m excited to go to practice.”

Although Tuff-n-uff has promoted her enough to transition into a pro-career, don’t expect her to be in Strikeforce anytime soon.

“I just really wanna be prepared before I go pro. I wanna represent myself well in this sport. So, however long it takes me, I wanna be ready.”

Marzolla will be fighting on the Tuff-n-uff card tonight Nov. 27 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas at 7 p.m. pacific time. For tickets and info got to

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