Lisa Newton and Claire Brannan

Lisa Newton and Claire Brannan Lisa v Gemma Lisa was originally supposed to fight MMA but her opponent dropped out with an injury and Lisa accepted a kickboxing fight. Then the opponent for that pulled out on the morning of the show with a ‘I’m not coming’ phone call. Gemma was supposed to be boxing and had a similar situation with a very late pullout. So Lisa said fine I’ll fight boxing, for the first time, and took the fight.

Lisa Newton and Claire Brannan

The two ladies went toe to toe for the first minute but better cardio and footwork gave Lisa Newton the advantage and she began to pick Gemma off, driving her into the cage and forcing her to cover up in the first round. The second round was more of the same, Lisa opened up and Gemma received 2 warnings for dropping her head low. Lisa then came flying back in and Gemma had no option but to cover up as Lisa through straight and hook combinations to force the ref to step in and end the fight.

Lisa Newton and Claire Brannan

Lisa Newton and Claire Brannan

Claire v Steve So we held a male v female fight. People on the boards in the UK were giving it the old males have better cardio and more power etc speak but Claire soon proved the old adage wrong. She had a solid first round catching Steve with her powerful right hooks and took the first round. The second was a lot closer as Steve upped his work rate and caught Claire with a couple of uppercuts and a round house kick to the head. Into the final round it was looking equal.

Both fighters looked tired but it came down to the sheer number of punches that Claire Brannan was connecting with. Claire threw everything at Steve and did enough to take the fight on a judges decision.

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