Lisa Ward defeats Stephanie Frausto

Lisa Ward defeats Stephanie Frausto

Lisa Ward defeats Stephanie Frausto

Lisa Ward defeats Stephanie Frausto

Lisa Ward defeats Stephanie Frausto One of the best 115 pound fighters dominates and punches her ticket into the Bellator 115 tournament. This Thursday, Lisa Ward gave yet another reason as to why she belongs in the upcoming Bellator Fighting Championship 115-pound women’s tournament, displaying top notch ground game and choking out Stephanie Frausto in the first round of their bout at Bellator 22.

Lisa Ward defeats Stephanie Frausto

Like fans saw at the weigh-in, both fighters entered the ring with high energy and good spirits. At the start of the fight, Frausto leads with a quick jab, and then both ladies exchange a couple solid leg kicks. Frausto was on the attack with a rather dominating stance, but with a quick counter Ward charged after her, slamming Frausto into the side of the cage and taking her down to the ground.

Frausto was quickly able to close guard on Ward and deliver a few quick shots to the head. Ward, peppering Frausto with body shots, eventually broke out of Frausto’s guard, landing some solid shots to the head and achieving side control. From here, Frausto put diligent effort into bucking out, but was unable to do so.

Ward quickly mounted again and unleashed a few seconds of brutal ground and pound. It was at this point that Frausto, to escape taking any more punishment, rolled over, exposing her back to Ward. Ward took advantage of the open position to get her hooks in and secure a solid rear-naked choke. Frausto tried to escape by bucking her hips out yet again, but was soon put to sleep. The referee called the fight at 2:01 into the first round.

Once Stephanie Frausto woke up, she was all smiles. “I just take this as a lesson learned,” said Frausto of her Bellator debut at the post-fight press conference.

Ward victoriously ran around the cage with arms in the air. In the post-fight interview, she was quoted as saying “I would love another shot at Megumi. We have some unfinished business.” Lisa Ward looks to be getting a chance to avenge her 2007 Bodog Fight loss To Fuji this fall.

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