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Mandy Stewart VS Van DO

Mandy Stewart VS Van DOTwo champions for opposite sides of the world. Mandy is the only Australian girl to cross to America and win on the prestigious “Hook N Shoot” beating Fatal Femmes current champion “Lisa Ward” this was in the early days of Lisa and Mandy’s career but it shows how promising Mandy was and still is. Mandy left the sport for personal reasons which have me admiring and respecting this girl hugely, so I’m excited to see her come back fight in our ring.

Van Do one of the few women to fight on the K1 and win, she is an accomplished MMA fighter also and trains with the amazing Cung Lee in America. Van has recently been in NZ and we have all had the chance to see her train and feel lucky that soon she plans to spend more time in NZ educating new MMA fighters. Van has fought some of the biggest cards in
America and will make an excellent mentor to our girls (which is what she plans to do).
Mandy is powerful, strong and aggressive she has trained only MMA from day one and has the good fortune of training under Australasian champ Tony Green, I think we all agree that Mandy holds a part of the heart of Australasian women’s MMA.

Van is experienced, technical and determined and she trains under an American champ Cung Lee, she is sought after on huge fight cards and is choosy about where she fights, a true believer in our league she has agreed to be here to support its growth.
Fiona Muxlow VS Elaina Maxwell is a very anticipated fight but for me personally this fight comes a VERY close second.

One girl will be the Princesses of Pain-International lightweight champ..who will it be?

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