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Marloes Coenen Armbars Fiona Muxlow

Marloes Coenen Armbars Fiona MuxlowMarloes Coenen Armbars Fiona Muxlow in First Round in Dream 18 Strikeforce champ, Marloes Coenen, will be celebrating the New Year with a first round armbar win over Australian fighter, Fiona Muxlow. In the second round of the Dream 18- Glory 4 New Years Eve card, Coenen dominated the first and only round with Muxlow. Coenen utilized her thai clinch on Muxlow landing several good knees during the round.

Th fight ended with Coenen transitioning from a triangle to the arm bar from guard at 3:29 of round 1.

Marloes Coenen Armbars Fiona Muxlow

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