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Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter

Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter
Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter

Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter Michelle Rosado is not a competitor, but she is a certainly a fighter. With a storyline similar to that of Jackie Kallen, boxing’s most well-known female promoter, Rosado is fighting her way into the heart of a male dominated industry.

Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter

Rosado is the owner and promoter for Face II Face Event based out of Phoenix, Arizona. It was there that Rosado began her career in the boxing industry when she met a fighter new to Phoenix and on the verge of turning pro. Though no expert, Rosado who is originally from Philadelphia, grew up watching the sport with her father who was an avid fan, thus she did know a good deal about the sport already.

“I volunteered to help him which led to management/advising,” said Rosado. “I was negotiating with promoters, contacting matchmakers, getting him publicity, and meeting with potential sponsors. I found a new respect and level of professionalism for the sport during that time period.”

“As a manager/advisor, I got to observe what was happening in local boxing scene and it was very interesting to me that most of the time boxing events were very unorganized and lacked production value. I dealt with shows getting cancelled frequently, purses changed, opponents being switched, venues relocated last minute, and the politics. It was frustrating. That is when I decided to produce, market, and promote boxing events to Arizona. After six months of putting a business plan together, selecting a company name and logo, and assembling my team, along came Face II Face Events.”

Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter

Since then Face II Face has held three successful boxing events, with a fourth scheduled for the fall in Tucson. Each event has been standing room only, and has served to renew the popularity of the sport in Arizona. As a promoter, Rosado found that one of the most challenge aspects was catering to the Arizona Boxing Commission guidelines, policies, requirements and statutes, ensuring that the events were completely within the rules.

Keeping in mind her ultimate goal of professionalism and providing fighters with the best opportunity to showcase their skills, another difficult thing that Rosado had to learn was to accept that she cannot please everyone. “Although I wish I could and that is what I shoot for,” said Rosado. “Producing a boxing event is a huge financial risk and very time consuming. Some people are so quick to judge when they don’t know half of what goes into putting on an event.”

Though Rosado has dealt primarily with male fighters, she hopes to introduce more women to the ring in her future events and did have an amateur female bout featured on one of the previous Face II Face cards.

“It is important that I showcase women at our boxing events,” said Rosado. “Our last event, we had Annette Agredano (5-0) on the card. Unfortunately, her opponent pulled out and we couldn’t find a replacement in such a short amount of time. I was completely bummed out over that! I am ecstatic that women’s boxing has finally been included in the 2012 London Olympics. Hopefully that will help boost the popularity and allow the fans to take female boxers more serious.”

“The boxing business has been a man’s world for many years and it can be very brutal and ruthless. At times it can be a bit challenging,” said Rosado. “I’ve had to deal with the sexism, lies, rumors, racism, name calling, and plenty of let-downs. At first, I would get really defensive, but I learned to roll with the punches. I’ve been in a man-dominated engineering industry throughout my whole career so I’m not easily intimidated working with men.”

“I have a wonderful mentor in Jackie Kallen, ‘The First Lady of Boxing.’ She has been an inspiration to me. She has seen it all and done it all and has a wealth of knowledge. She offers a tremendous amount of support. I can only hope to accomplish half of what she has accomplished in the sport of boxing.”

Michelle Rosado Female Boxing Promoter

When asked what makes a good fighter Rosado replied, “Heart, will, discipline, and dedication. I’d take a fighter with a heart of a lion over a boxer with a lot of talent and zero heart any day. You can’t teach passion, you either have it or you don’t. If a fighter is not eating, living, breathing, and dreaming boxing, he’s going to get hurt.”

As a promoter Rosado has had the opportunity to see what kind of things fighters do that sets them apart and readies them for success. For any woman hoping to succeed as a competitor in the boxing industry she suggests a couple of things to provide that extra edge.

“Build a solid loyal team right away,” said Rosado. “Just like a fighter, you cannot climb in that ring alone, you need a strong corner and support system. Conduct yourself professionally, be persistent, stay organized, stick to your guns, and always do good business. Most importantly, have a tremendous amount of integrity, it will get you far!!”

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