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Miesha Tate Disarms Zoila Frausto

Miesha Tate Disarms Zoila Frausto
Miesha Tate Disarms Zoila Frausto

Miesha Tate Disarms Zoila Frausto The highly anticipated match this year ends with Tate’s hand raised, and Frausto gaining Tate’s respect. Sweet but sad.

The highly anticipated fight between Meisha Tate and Zoila Frausto at the Strikeforce Challengers was called by Meisha Tate, who said she would end the fight in the second round either by ground-n-pound or submission. Tate would do the latter.

Miesha Tate Disarms Zoila Frausto

Tate took a few hits from Frausto before taking it to the ground in the first round. Tate was able to maintain side control, with Frausto defending on the bottom for most of the round. The second round found Frausto getting a great leg kick and a few good shots in, before Tate took it to the ground again into side control. Tate was able to secure an armbar, which Frausto fought off for a good 30 seconds before circuming to it at 4:09 in the second round.

The amazing crowd behind Zoila Frausto was devistated by this loss, as was Zoila. Zoila will put this loss behind her and not let it get in her way to moving up the ranks and fighting whenever she gets the opportunity.

“I’ll live to fight another day!” Frausto said. “I fought my heart out, but Tate won fair and square. Back to the drawing board and I just might stay in my natural weight class (125). Just happy and fortunate that God keeps me healthy and able to do what I love to do everyday. Can’t wait to get back in there!”

Meisha, was elated, yet concerned if she had put on a good fight. Meisha wanted to use her hands more effectively, but hey, a win is a W-I-N ! She said that getting that arm bar was difficult because Zoila does not stop moving, making it difficult to lock in the armbar.

Neither girl looked too worn on the outside, but one fighter will have to do some repairs to her inside after this hard loss. Both girls came to fight and gave us great entertainment!

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