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Miesha Tate Fights Zoila Frausto MMA

Miesha Tate Fights Zoila Frausto MMA
Miesha Tate Fights Zoila Frausto MMA

Miesha Tate Fights Zoila Frausto MMA The Bantamweight battle at the Strikeforce Challengers March 26 is already heating up.It will be a heated match on a hot night in Fresno. # 10 ranked 135 pounder and Freestyle Cage Fighting champion Miesha Tate (8-2) will return to the Strikeforce cage to face hometown girl Zoila Frausto (4-0) at the Strikeforce Challengers on Mar. 26.

Miesha Tate Fights Zoila Frausto MMA

Tate is coming off a win over Valerie Coolbaugh on Jan. 16 at the Freestyle Cage Fighting event in Tulsa, while Frausto is gearing up for a fight with Jessica Rakoczy (0-1) at the Tachi Palace Fights 3 card in Lemoore, CA on Feb. 4.

There is no love loss between Tate and Frausto.

“Apparently, Tate has been calling me out for a while. Something about, I’m a little too cocky, that I haven’t really been tested,” Frausto commented. “Any woman that steps into the ring is by far a test for any other woman. It takes a lot for anyone woman to step into the cage. So yes, each fight was a test and always will be!”

“I’m confident in what I do and in my preparation for these fights, and the only way I see myself coming out when the dust settles is on top!”

When it comes to Frausto, Tate is taking the match seriously.

“I told SF I would fight whoever they chose, and they gave me Frausto which I’m not taking lightly,” Tate responded. “She’s exciting and looks like she has power and she’s fighting this weekend so she will have 5 fights by March, although I stand by how I feel in that she comes across cocky and even a little bit rude.

If she doesn’t mean to be that way then she should think about how she phrases things because it sure sounds that way. Anyways, I’ve never met her so I can’t say for myself, not many people I’ve talked to seem to care for her, but I can’t judge her based on that, I guess we’ll have to see come fight time!”

Frausto admits to concentrating on her upcoming match on Feb. 4, but once that is over, her focus will be on Tate.

“I’ll keep my mouth shut and just show everyone on March 26th Showtime who Zoila Frausto really is.”

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