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Miesha Tate Takes Bantamweight Belt Women MMA

Miesha Tate Takes Bantamweight Belt Women MMA
Miesha Tate Takes Bantamweight Belt Women MMA

Miesha Tate Takes Bantamweight Belt Women MMA Hoffman Estates, IL: “Strikeforce and M1 Global: Fedor vs. Henderson” July 30, 2011.

While no doubt the Henderson win over Fedor was a ‘jump to your feet’ kind of fight, the women’s co-main event for the bantamweight belt proved that women’s MMA is strong and going no where!

Miesha Tate Takes Bantamweight Belt Women MMA

Last night on the Strikeforce Showtime 5-fight card, Marloes Coenen fought to keep her title belt by getting in the cage with longtime wrestler, Miesha Tate.

With both girls in the cage with the announcer, Marloes took a dominating stance in the center of the cage waiting for the start of the fight. Tate claimed prior to the fight that she would destroy Coenen and as soon as the bell rang to start the title fight, Tate immediately took control of the fight by pinning Coenen against the cage and then getting her first of many takedowns. Coenen quickly got Tate in a choke in response to the takedown but Tate was able to escape.

The start of round 2 looked to be the same but Coenen got the reversal on ‘Takedown’ Tate’s td and was able to control the round by taking Tate’s back and securing it with a body triangle while getting a few punches in.

Coenen then led round 3 with a hard left kick but Tate quickly took another takedown. After Tate got control and did a little damage with some punches, the girls were stood back up. Tate relentlessly took another takedown that by this point Coenen has little defense for. At the end of the round with only a few seconds left, Coenen got the crowd going by sweeping Tate and gaining full-mount.

Round 4 began like all the rest with a takedown by Tate. Tate gained side control and jumped to Coenen’s other side to sink the head and arm triangle. Coenen went for a great defense but it wasn’t quick enough, giving Tate the Strikeforce Bantamweight Belt at 3:03 in the 4th round.

Sarah Kaufman anxiously watched in the stands as she is up to fight the new champ, Miesha Tate!

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