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Women’s MMA Comes to Vancouver

Women's MMA Comes to Vancouver
Women’s MMA Comes to Vancouver

Women’s MMA Comes to Vancouver #1 Ranked Sarah Kaufman’s hometown now lets her do the sport she loves…

Will Strikeforce be heading to Sarah Kaufman’s home town of Vancouver?

It’s been two years since an MMA event was held in Vancouver Canada, but a 6-3 vote has yet again made it sanctioned in the Olympic city. Rowdiness after MMA fights were the original reason why the sport was banned in 2007. Police say there were no “policing issues” when it came to the events.

Women’s MMA Comes to Vancouver

Two amateur events were held this past year to give the Vancouver city commission a first hand look at the sport.

The UFC has already scheduled a card in June 2010, but a Strikeforce card in Kaufman’s hometown would have a great turnout for Canadian and women’s MMA fans alike.

The council has set a two year probationary period, and will vote for permanent sanctioning.

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