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MMA Fighter Beckie Lobb Never Too Old Fight

MMA Fighter Beckie Lobb Never Too Old Fight
MMA Fighter Beckie Lobb Never Too Old Fight

MMA Fighter Beckie Lobb Never Too Old Fight The 43 year old grandmother steps into the cage for Jackson’s MMA Series 3 this weekend.

A seasoned professional in body building and jiu-jitsu practitioner, Beckie Lobb will be setting her sites on her first MMA fight at the Jackson’s MMA Series 4 Apr. 9 at the Hard Rock in Albuquerque.

This leukemia researcher and councilor won her spot through a unique tryout and was given the chance to fight out of 250 other hopefuls. This on top of being a 43 year old grandmother.

MMA Fighter Beckie Lobb Never Too Old Fight

We talked to Lobb about her motivations and training going into her first ever MMA match.

FighterGirls: Why did you decide to enter this contest to become a MMA fighter?

Beckie Lobb: It was a spur of the moment decision. My previous coaches asked to give it a try. With my size and my build they thought I would be good at it. If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have said no – I’ll stick with jiu-jitsu.

FG: How did you start in jiu-jitsu?

BL: I picked it up as a distraction in this past August. I came into an empty house and nothing to do because my kids were growing up. I did it to keep me sane.

FG: With your size and natural strength I would agree with your coaches – you seem like a natural for MMA

BL: The trick for me is to cutting weight and getting down (to 135) at the moment; which is a big challenge for me at the moment.

FG: Have you seen live MMA before?

BL: I have been to Jackson’s MMA series before and watched Julie Kedize, who is headlining the card. Talk about a source of inspiration there.

FG: What do you know about your opponent?

BL: Just found out yesterday that she is a south paw. That is all I know about her at this point. That and I am twenty years older than her.

FG: Did you get any inspiration from any of the fighters?

BL: Sometime we come in early to watch the pros practice. Just to see the intensity and see how they just don’t give up. You can tell they are exhausted. You can tell their beat, but they continue to go. I used that in my own training to push past my own limits.

FG: Do you think that you will continue doing MMA in the future?

BL: I will definitely continue to train like this. It’s been a lot of fun Learning the different disciplines is fun and a great, great workout. I’ll continue practicing and still have a lot to learn. They talked about lining more fights for me, so that’s definitely a possibility. We’ll see where that goes.

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