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MMA Fighters Give Back

MMA Fighters Give Back
MMA Fighters Give Back

MMA Fighters Give Back “A Fighter’s Chance” Charity Needs your help to give someone her life back after a horrendous crash.


Paris, Texas, October 4, 2009: A Fighters Chance- the newest, most progressive, and driven MMA charity in the sport has teamed up with Tapout, Dollamur Mats, and a various MMA celebrities to give a 24 year old Oklahoma mother of two the “Fighter’s Chance” she deserves.

MMA Fighters Give Back

Jennifer Moulder of Salisaw, OK and friend of UFC fighter, Brian Foster, and the HIT Squad could die without the sport of MMA and its fans. Jennifer was in a car wreck when she was 17 and was not expected to make it. After, fighting her way through the wreck and a two-month coma she resumed life as normal only to find out years later that she has cirrhosis of the liver from medication and a colon disease that has yet to be diagnosed properly.

Jennifer needs a proper diagnosis, specialists, in-depth treatment, and a liver transplant but she is without insurance or the funds needed. A Fighter’s Chance is committed to helping her receive the treatment she needs. Her dream is to be treated at the world renowned Mayo clinic and live to raise her children. This treatment can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars and she lives in constant fear of dying just because she cannot afford the treatment she deserves.

A Fighter’s Chance is setting a goal of raising $150,000 by April 4, 2010. A Fighter’s Chance will have a booth set up on October 17, 2009 at the 2009 Dollamur Classic Red River Takedown Tournament and the Red River Knock Out MMA event at the Dallas Convention Center to help raise money for this cause.

Also, please visit our website and
donate there as well. Please help give her “A Fighter’s Chance”!

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