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MMA Reality Show Pilot

MMA Reality Show PilotMMA Reality Show Pilot From the Directors and Producers of: MTV Spring Break Jams, Unplugged, Ultimate Fighter, Pussycat Dolls 2, America’s Next Top Model 7, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, The Simple Life 3 and much more. Wear casting fighters for a pilot for an up and
coming network TV show. We are looking for fighters of all pedigree; amateurs and pros, regardless of career record. Fighter’s fighting
record does NOT have to be extensive or impressive. The most important factor is personality and network TV appeal.

MMA Reality Show Pilot

Casting is less than a month away. All fighters are welcome to submit Non-Binding Letters of Intent that we will provide, along with contact information.

If you are a fighter, or know fighters that are in need of exposure and are interested in being on network television for a possible upcoming
Reality Fight series, DON’T WAIT, contact us NOW!!!


Edward Johnsrud
Giant Killer, Inc.
Direct: 619-453-2078
Fax: 888-309-0585

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