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Moe Shea WBA Fighter

Moe Shea WBA Fighter
Moe Shea WBA Fighter

Moe Shea WBA Fighter

Moe Shea WBA Fighter Ranked number one in the WBA and number four in the WBC, Maureen Shea has developed into more than just Hilary Swank’s sparring partner. “I feel like a role model to not only females in boxing, but for females in all male-dominated sports and jobs,” says Shea.

Shea’s last fight on September 5, 2007, made her the first female to participate in the Tommy Gallagher Black Tie event. She won, increasing her pro records to 12-0 (6ko’s) and is hoping for a title fight in the near future. Shea was also the first female to fight in the Rune Diablo event and with Irish Ropes. Training for Shea consists of waking at 6 a.m. to work in Gleason’s gym for two hours and at least four miles of running. She has also made a choice to be vegan. “It really helps my mind, body and soul,” she explains. “It makes me feel better and think clearer and has improved my boxing.”

Moe Shea WBA Fighter

Shea became a vegetarian at a young age saying that her body was just “driven away” from red meat. Later she quit eating fish and eggs as well and became vegan. She eats soy protein and foods like tofu for nutrition while training. As a fan of Debi Purcell, Shea explains how she believes even though MMA is getting a lot of attention now, it doesn’t take away from the boxing world but “like anything new, it gets most of the attention.”

“Both MMA and boxing are male-dominated sports that should work
together to make progress,” she tells. Shea just finished a project in Tennessee that took about seven weeks to complete. Information on the project will be released in December but it will have more to do with entertainment rather than just boxing. She is also currently training a new female boxer for their first amateur fight. Even as a boxer, Shea loves being feminine and often gets comments saying she doesn’t look like a fighter in which she replies, “what does a fighter look like?”

“As a female in fighting, don’t ever lose yourself and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something just because of your gender,”she advises females in all male-dominated industries. Shea fights both featherweight and super featherweight with Team Shea. “I’m very spiritual,” says Shea. “God is always the center of the team.”

Team Shea consists of: manager Luigi Olcese, trainer Hector Roca, media specialist John Kaiser, photographer Jay Bulding, nutritionist Robert Ferguson, business manager Harrin Platzner, publicist Amy Green and of course Maureen “Moe” Shea. Another important aspect of Team Shea that she is very appreciative of are the fans who she describes to be “the glue that keeps things together.”

She also addresses the latest issue of starting in pro or amateur fighting saying that not everyone always excels in both amateur and pro and should definitely start amateur if
only for experience in the ring. Shea is graduating with a Bachelor’s in English and is currently doing some PR work for Irish Ropes.

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