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Molly Helsel MMA Fighter

Molly Helsel MMA Fighter
Molly Helsel MMA Fighter

Molly Helsel MMA Fighter Molly Helsel heads to Japan to prove herself on foreign soil.

The words “Never Back Down” is something that fighters like Molly Helsel (8-8-1) live by. With an even record, Helsel hopes to make her record a winning one, facing number 3 ranked 135 pounder Roxanne Modafferi (13-5) in Okinawa, Japan at the King of the Cage event Jan. 30.

Helsel took some time to talk about the upcoming match and her career. Although she took up the sport later in life, Helsel says she is better than ever.

Molly Helsel MMA Fighter

“I was a late bloomer,” Helsel stated, “I didn’t start until I was 21. I had people say at 26 I should retire, but I am 32 and I feel better than I ever did in my twenties.”

With that in mind, Helsel says she will take on all comers.

“I never turned down a fight,” Helsel said. “If you call me and offer me a fight, I say yes. I don’t care if they are overweight or underweight; over-experienced or under-experienced; if it’s three days notice or three months notice; I never say no to a fight. To me, my outlook and perception in the whole fight game is different than someone else’s. I’m not necessarily a prize fighter. I’m just a fighter’s fighter.”

The match with Modafferi is something she has been looking forward to for a while.

“It has been interesting because she and I have talked about fighting each other for a long time now. We both had the same kind of struggles of not getting fights. It’s cool that it has finally materialized; that we will finally get to test each other out.”

Helsel and Modafferi have been in contact with each other off and on, and Helsel admires her as a fighter. Helsel isn’t going to pull any punches, however. She says this fight has the ingredients to be an intriguing match.

“I will tell you this. I think that our styles will be interesting, because she is so technical and because I like to brawl. I think it will be interesting how it plays out. She has been one of my heroes for a long time and it is actually cool to get in there with her.”

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